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    Multiple individuals tased and arrested during altercation outside bar

    By Lootpress Staff,


    FAYETTEVILLE, WV (LOOTPRESS) – Several arrests were made following a series of altercations, some of which involved members of law enforcement, at a local pub.

    According to Magistrate documents out of Fayette County, on Sunday, April 14, 2024, Fayetteville law enforcement was contacted regarding an altercation at Maggie’s Pub in Fayette County.

    Upon arriving at the scene, responders noted having observed several subjects, including a male identified as Curtis Johnson, a male identified as Garry Stover, and a female later identified as Morgan Stover.

    Johnson reportedly had his shirt off at the time of law enforcement arrival, and is said to have been screaming at another male subject who was taken away from the scene by friends.

    The owner of the establishment informed officers that four individuals had been fighting inside the bar, and that the altercation had been broken up by himself and the establishment’s bouncer, Dustin Whaples.

    Although the individuals involved were asked to leave the premises, the subjects continued to stand in the roadway while screaming.

    Patrolman Hogan made an attempt to detain Ms. Stover for non-compliance when Garry Stover intervened and was taken to the ground by law enforcement. At this point Garry Stover is said to have become combative, leading to his being tased by a responding deputy and placed in handcuffs.

    Ms. Stover reportedly requested to deal with a deputy and was screaming profanity at law enforcement while stating that she “was not dealing with Fayetteville City Police.

    Though when Deputy Bell attempted to make contact with Ms. Stover she reportedly yelled, “f*ck you!,” at the officer before becoming combative and being taken to the ground. Resistance persisted, resulting in Ms. Stover being tased and handcuffed.

    Reports of the incident from Officer Rice of the Fayetteville Police Department indicate that Deputy Bell of the FCSD was hit in the face by one individual, at which point Rice tased the individual who was taken to the ground by Deputy Bell.

    Once on the ground, the individual is said to have continued to refuse to obey commands, resulting in multiple drive stuns to the subject’s back before he complied and placed his hands behind his back.

    This individual was later identified as Curtis A. Johnson, and was transported to the Fayetteville Police Department for processing and later to Plateau Medical Center for medical evaluation.

    Garry Lee Stover was arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct and Obstructing an Officer. Morgan Stover was arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct, Officer Battery, Public Intoxication, and Obstructing an Officer.

    Curtis Johnson was arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct, Officer Battery, Public Intoxication, and Obstructing an Officer.

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