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    Teachers union blasts Newsom’s costly ‘unconstitutional’ budget proposal

    By Ross O'Keefe,

    26 days ago

    The California Teachers Association blasted Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) on his budget plan maneuver that will block billions in cuts for schools Friday, saying it could cost them nearly $12 billion in the future and that there are “clear violations of the Constitution” with the move.

    CTA President David Goldberg announced a public campaign against the maneuver because it “would wreak havoc on funding for our schools.”

    “We will not stand by and let this happen,” he said during a news conference. “When you have clear violations of the Constitution, often you go to legal remedies. So that is definitely one of the tools in our toolbox.”

    Newsom’s budget plan did save $8.8 billion in immediate cuts for schools, but the added future cost has been enough for the union to launch ads on Monday to “raise awareness about this unconstitutional maneuver,” pursuing legal means if that doesn’t work.

    The California governor said last week that the move was the best option for public schools because it would protect them from immediate cuts.

    “I don’t want to see thousands and thousands of pink slips go out. I don’t want to see disruption in the system,” he said.

    The main reason California public schools are in this situation is because of Proposition 98, a voter-approved formula for how the Golden State pays for its schools. That formula overprojected school funding by about $8.8 billion because the state received 25% less in tax revenue than predicted.


    The schools have already spent the extra $8.8 billion, and the state would either need to request the money back or cut the money in its budget. Newsom wanted neither, so instead, the state is spreading the money out toward future budgets starting 2025-2026.

    “It’s pretending it doesn’t exist,” Karen Getman, an attorney and school funding expert who has represented the CTA, said . “Literally just saying ignore that $8.8 billion.”

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