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    Governor Hochul Said President Biden is Listening to New York About the Migrant Crisis

    Governor Kathy Hochul addresses the media about her talk with President BidenPhoto byX (Twitter)

    President Joe Biden was in New York City and it appeared he wasn’t going to talk to anyone about the migrant crisis until Wednesday. Governor Kathy Hochul had a meeting with him where they discussed New York’s migrant crisis.

    According to CBS News, Governor Hochul responded to a comment about President Biden and said:

    "What I can say at this time is I felt that he is listening to us. He has heard us. He has heard me loud and clear." 

    Governor Hochul was responding to CBS News Marcia Kramer who asked if the governor had a positive meeting with the president. 

    Hochul didn’t provide any more details from the meeting with President Biden. 

    According to Fox 5, Governor Hochul said:

    "That's all I'm going to say."

    Mayor Eric Adams did not meet President Biden but he is frustrated over the little support he has received from this administration.

    Adams said:

    "We've been left alone as a city to solve a national problem. I need us to get through this together, and how we get through it is not what we saw on Staten Island last night, with people are banging and using derogatory terms. That is not who we are as a city."

    Since last year, Mayor Adams has said over 100,000 migrants have arrived in New York City. Adams has tried multiple things. He has erected tents, hotels, and used cruise ships to set up temporary housing while depleting City funds. 

    Mayor Adams even visited Washington, D.C., and came back with a liaison to help him solve the migrant problems. 

    Do you think President Biden will do anything for New York?

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