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CJ Coombs

Satisfy your comfort cravings with breakfast for dinner at the Corner Cafe in Riverside

Corner Cafe, Riverside, Missouri.Photo byCorner Cafe, Riverside MO via Facebook.

If breakfast is your favorite meal, then you know you can make it for dinner too. You might even have a favorite breakfast-serving restaurant. I know I do.

If you’re traveling through Kansas City with your family, this restaurant could be one of the best stops of your trip if you like to feel your comfort craving being satisfied.

The Corner Cafe has repeat customers and I’m one of them. I have family and friends who have been there and go back. Locally owned, this restaurant is about the food, the service, and the atmosphere.

For breakfast, the Corner Cafe serves biscuits and sausage gravy until 11:00 am. Other categories include omelets, off-the-griddle options (pancakes, french toast, or waffles), egg platters (essentially a plate of goodness with meat), and options for light eaters. The menu lets you know what isn't served after 11:00 am, but most are served all day. Visit here for more details about breakfast.

There's more to meet your cravings

Before you even reach the wooden planks in front of the entrance and see people waiting to be seated consistently, you know it’s popular. Hearing the chit-chat going on no matter where you’re seated is a reminder of big family dinners where everyone is talking at once without distraction, but for smelling whatever's cooking in the kitchen.

Looking at the menu, you get to be indecisive. You can go for the daily special, order the same meal you had before, or try something different to satisfy what your comfort gauge is reaching for. I've even purchased whole pies here before because they're good too.

I’ve tried more than breakfast. I’ve had Corner Cafe's fried chicken, meatloaf, country-fried chicken, homemade chicken & noodles, pork chop dinner, and then hit repeat (but not on the same day!). The side servings are good, and the big amazing cinnamon roll is a meal alone. I could say the same for the bread pudding. If you only want a sandwich or salad, the Corner Cafe has you covered. Visit here to see their whole menu along with the reasonable prices.

Country cooking

If you want the flavor of country cooking or a homemade meal, the Corner Cafe can meet that craving at reasonable prices. There are three locations in the Kansas City metropolitan area: Riverside, Liberty, and Independence. I’ve tried all three, and my recommendation would be the original location in Riverside because the Corner Cafe's story started there, and it always meets expectations. When servers are hustling and still manage to keep checking on your table, that’s part of the equation for a good experience.

Remember when you’re thinking about your overall experience at any restaurant, you place a value on the food, service, and atmosphere. When you go to Corner Cafe, remember not to compare it to Chaz on the Plaza. It’s a cafe, it’s a diner, it’s a simple craving being met, it’s spot on. Don’t go to Corner Cafe if you’re only interested in the way food is presented on your plate. Go for comfort.

The atmosphere and character of Corner Cafe make you feel you’re in the heart of a tiny town like Baker, Missouri, or you’re back at your parent’s kitchen table at age 10. It’s wonderfully pleasing and the décor on the walls achieves the restaurant’s goal to make you feel at home, and it's clean and you get what you pay for. While not every restaurant is going to be perfect, this place is perfect for me and it might be for you too. Visit here for Yelp reviews.

Corner Cafe is open from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday through Friday. Seating is first-come, first-served, but if you have a super large crowd, call the manager in advance so they can be prepared for your arrival. Visit here for the cafe's FAQs.

Thanks for reading. Let me know in the comments what your favorite comfort food venue is.

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