Co-Working Space The Wing to Offer Mental Reprieve for Women, Chairwoman Says

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New York Local Video Station
New York Local Video Station
 27 days ago


Sheila Lirio Marcelo, executive chairwoman at The Wing, joined Cheddar to discuss the New York City reopening of the co-working space specifically for women and the steps taken to make the safe return to work. As women face unique hurdles during the pandemic, particularly when it comes to balancing work and family caregiving, The Wing offered some reprieve, according to Marcelo. “With everything in the work-life balance juggle, they really want a sense of community, they want collaboration, they want in-person meetings, and I think The Wing is primed for those changes and expectations post-pandemic," she said. "So we’re excited about the opportunity to welcome people to the spaces." Marcelo also added that the company has invested in more diverse leadership following last year's controversy over racism and abuse that led to the resignation of co-founder and former CEO Audrey Gelman. #newyork