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    Granddaughter Sings To Grandpa, Then He Joins In For The Sweetest Duet

    By Em Thomas,

    30 days ago

    This grandpa is facing sensory issues, but his granddaughter Yazzy is doing everything she can to make sure his singing talents don’t go to waste. In this clip, she and her grandad performed a cover of Coldplay’s “Yellow” that is sure to make you shed a tear.

    Yazzy’s grandfather clearly has a beautiful talent. While his sensory issues have created some obstacles, his talents are shining through.

    His granddaughter clearly has a talent, too. Her voice is shining and beautiful and, not only does she have a talent for singing, but she has a talent for teaching, too.

    To help her grandpa recover his ability, she’s been slowly teaching him songs to sing alongside her. As she sings with her grandpa, it’s easy to she sees so happy to be his granddaughter.

    She shared that, at times, he’s been impatient with his abilities. I can imagine that it’s beyond difficult to lose something that at one time was easy.
    This image is from Instagram .

    But I’m so glad she’s taken the time to help him bring his talents back to the world. This granddaughter and her grandpa are a special duo, and their singing video is a blessing to everyone who scrolls onto it!

    This Adorable Pair Is Melting Hearts

    Viewers shared their sweet opinions on the clip in the comments and it’s safe to say everyone’s heart was touched.

    “You both have beautiful voices. His was a surprise! Such rich tone. I hope you get to sing together for a long time,” shared one viewer.

    “IM SOBBING SO HARD THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL,” exclaimed another.

    If you have a talent, take the time to share it with the world. Whether you’re new or a professional, young or old, celebrating talents is a joy that is better shared.

    The featured image for this post is from Instagram .

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