Virginia Triple Shooting Kills Woman Carrying Groceries

Virginia Triple Shooting Kills Woman Carrying GroceriesSCDN Graphics Department

Virginia State News

On Saturday afternoon, a woman was killed and two others were injured in a shooting outside an apartment complex.

Around 12:15 p.m., the incident occurred at the ArtistSpace Lofts on Perry and Brown streets.

Tragic Family Accident in Small Virginia Town
Virginia Triple Shooting Kills Woman Carrying GroceriesIllustrative photo

Virginia Man Shoots at Police & Steals Their Car

The woman was carrying groceries when she was gunned down as she walked inside her apartment complex.

Two other persons were shot and sent to local hospitals.

Gillfield Baptist Church, which is across the street from the apartment complex, will host a special prayer service for family and neighbors.

Virginia Man Shot and Killed on Liberty Road

The victims' names have not been published by police.

They cannot provide any information on the potential suspect or suspects. We're also waiting to learn what caused this awful tragedy.

If you have any information that could assist detectives, please contact them at 804-732-4222 or 804-861-1212.

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Mo Beezy..

People have been shooting people since guns were invented..It has nothing to do with who is in office...Stop making everything political or racial..Violence happens EVERYWHERE in the U.S...Big city ,small town,any given day, any given race...Its a PEOPLE issue and total disregard for human life and eachother that causes these issues..

Do Right

Nothing to do with political party. All about people with no self control and no appreciation or respect for life. Most of it goes back to how children are raised.


Before the guns they had the bow. Before the Bow they had the Spears. Before the spares they had to Tomahawks. Before the tomahawks they had the stones. Before the stone they had the coconuts


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