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Cincinnati, OH

Tender Towne - Best Fast Food Chicken? - Cincinnati, Ohio

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Rachel Yerks
Rachel Yerks
 21 days ago
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My partner and I are big fans of fried chicken. We regularly go around to new restaurants and fast food places in the area and compare their chicken tenders. Tender Towne was next on our list for fast-food chicken tenders after trying out McDonald's Wendy's, Burger King, Popeye's, White Castle, KFC, Chick-fil-A, Raising Cane's, Lee's, and Culver's. Here's how their tenders compare to our favorites.

What we ordered, price, and comparison
Photo by author.

We ordered the "Three Lip Smacker", which includes 3 chicken tenders, chips or fries, garlic toast, a regular drink, and 1 tender sauce ($7.29). We chose lemonade as our drink and ordered an additional 2 sauces. We tried their original ranch sauce and the honey mustard.

The garlic toast was the highlight of the meal. It's on par with Raising Cane's and any other typical "texas toast" you'll get around here. The cole slaw the meal came with had far too much cabbage and a single carrot sliver. The fries were good, but a little soggy.

The chicken was a big letdown for us. The breading was falling off the meat, and the meat itself had many purple veins visible. The chicken also had some fatty parts we didn't want to eat. We ended up picking through the chicken and soggy breading and demolished the fries. The chicken was certainly better here than at White Castle, but it didn't overtake any of the other fast food places we tried.

Final thoughts

Tender Towne was a big miss for us. Maybe they had a bad chicken (and coleslaw) day, but we'll never know. It wasn't good enough for us to give it another chance. It is affordable, but Raising Cane's and Lee's are around the same price and both of those places are always reliably fantastic.

If you are looking for some fast-food chicken, skip Tender Towne. Go to Lee's or Raising Cane's. If you can't find any chicken tenders or chicken strip joints around, Wendy's nuggets are pretty good, too.