SURFPERCH FISHING at SUNSET State BEACH | California SP - Part 4 of 4, What's the Verdict?

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JU Nation Fishing
JU Nation Fishing
 10 days ago


I should have watched my own videos! A few years ago, I made a fishing video at Sunset State Beach, located in the town of Watsonville, Santa Cruz County, CA. Here's the description from that video: "Hi-Lo rig did not work well! Carolina rig, 1 oz. sinker, 24-inch leader, No. 6 Eagle Claw bait hook, and MOTOR OIL 2-INCH GRUB or BERKLEY GULP! 2-INCH CAMO SANDWORM! Surfperch can't seem to get enough!" That observation is still true on this trip! Another minor missing information would be to soak the Hammer grubs in the Berkley Gulp Sandworm juice. Hopefully, I will remember to look back to this video the next time I visit Sunset State Beach to target surfperch. If you enjoy this video, don't forget to smash the follow and like buttons. Much appreciated.

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