#HiddenGems Florida Avenue Brewing (Part 1)

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Walk In Talk: the restaurant life
Walk In Talk: the restaurant life
 18 days ago


#HiddenGems Florida Avenue Brewing (Part 1) (Episode 28) This isn't a typical brewery! Florida Ave Brewing has a visibly upgraded culinary edge, and banquet space for everything, including weddings! I love pinball.. there's an impressive selection of pinball tables to choose from and sprinkle on some corn-hole to boot to round out enjoying the day! Definitely a cool place to go and enjoy yourself or bring the kids along. Instagram: @floridaavebrewing Website: <a href="www.floridaavebrewing.com">www.floridaavebrewing.com</a> Please SLAM that SUBSCRIBE button so we could continue bringing you Bad-Ass content from the kitchen! Thanks for tuning into Episode 28 of Walk In Talk: the restaurant life! Remember, it's always cool in the Walk In! Friends of the Walk In Talk Show: <a href="https://www.donpablocoffee.com">https://www.donpablocoffee.com</a> <a href="https://www.ibisimages.com">https://www.ibisimages.com</a> (Culinary Photography)