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    Trump Critic Ben Shapiro Is Now Hosting a Fundraiser For Trump: ‘I Will Walk Over Broken Glass to Vote For Him’

    By Phillip Nieto,


    Daily Wire co-founder Ben Shapiro , long a harsh critic of former President Donald Trump , announced he will be hosting a fundraiser for him next week.

    Shapiro explained on a Friday podcast that he’s co-hosting the upcoming fundraiser for Trump. He justified his shift towards the former president by claiming Joe Biden is the worst commander-in-chief of his lifetime, adding he would “walk over broken glass” to vote for the Republican nominee.

    “My calculus is very simple, America was better off under Donald Trump than it is under Joe Biden. At home, America was safer and more prosperous… When Donald Trump was president, America was better off,” Shapiro told his viewers.

    He added, “I will always be honest with you about Donald Trump, he wasn’t my first choice in the primaries. He’s a deeply flawed human. I’ve been open in my criticisms of Trump on both character and policy… But Donald Trump is the man standing between America and a second Joe Biden term.”

    Shapiro has been harshly critical of Trump over the years. He blamed Trump for the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, in which a mob of Trump supporters riled up by his lies about the election ransacked the Capitol building and beat police. Multiple people died in the attack and hundreds were injured.

    Shapiro backed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in the Republican primary for 2024. The day after DeSantis dropped out following his defeat in Iowa in January, Shapiro endorsed Trump.

    The conservative firebrand not only backed DeSantis but fiercely criticized Trump’s media boosters. He attacked former Fox News host Tucker Carlson for giving Trump a “softball” interview back in August .

    “I mean, how soft were the softballs that Tucker was throwing to Donald Trump?” Shapiro scoffed. “He asked Donald Trump to rip on Mike Pence by suggesting that Donald Trump had always been very nice to Mike Pence. This question is so bizarre. I, like, I don’t even know what to say about this.

    Shapiro also implored Republicans to abandon Trump in order to have any chance of winning the general election against Biden, arguing that Republican are “cruising for a bruising” by voting for the former president.

    “There is a reason Democrats are eager to keep Trump at the center of the conversation: half of independents say Trump is a major factor in their vote, and they’re breaking 4-1 for the Democrats,” Shapiro wrote back in November on X. “Republicans shouldn’t play that game. If they do, they’re cruising for a bruising.”

    Moreover, Shapiro was apart of the self-proclaimed #NeverTrump movement of Republicans back in 2016 who refused to support Trump for the nomination. He wrote a column in March 2016 entitled “I Will Never Vote For Donald Trump. Here’s Why.”

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