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    Elon Musk rings 'alarm bell' as he warns 'flood' of illegal immigrants is 'crushing' US

    By Chris Samuel & John O'sullivan,


    Tesla owner Elon Musk has raised concerns about what he calls a "flood" of illegal immigrants entering the United States. He shared his thoughts with this post on X , sparking controversy.

    "Dams are bursting all over the country. America is only four percent of Earth's population. If only one percent of the rest of Earth moves here, that would crush all essential services," the tech entrepreneur said.

    He added, "I am ringing the alarm bell because the flood of illegals is crushing the country! " Musk has been openly critical of how the Joe Biden administration is managing the border crisis, with many states struggling to accommodate new arrivals.

    If you can't see the post below, click here.

    Earlier this month, Musk shared a 2021 news headline on X, revealing President Biden's plan to offer legal status to around 11 million people. Musk commented, "Biden's strategy is very simple," and "1. Get as many illegals in the country as possible. 2. Legalize them to create a permanent majority a one-party state."

    He concluded, "That is why they are encouraging so much illegal immigration. Simple, yet effective."

    On Monday, President Biden announced he would be visiting Texas on Thursday, the same day his likely presidential election opponent Donald Trump will also visit the border, reports The Express .

    The pressure on Biden to implement a stronger migration policy has increased due to a recent surge in encounters reported by Border Patrol.

    Brandon Judd, the head of the National Border Patrol Council, wasn't happy with Biden's visit. He called it just for show and said the President had plenty of time to come up with a good plan to stop illegal immigration.

    Judd remarked: "He had three years to do what he needed to do to secure the border. He had three years to put policies in place."

    The boss of the Border Patrol union said that Biden could have stopped so many people from coming by bringing back the "remain in Mexico" rule. This rule meant that people who wanted to live in the US had to wait in Mexico until their court date.

    But Judd thinks the President doesn't want to bring the rule back because he doesn't want to upset the people who politically support him.

    "If you look at the base of support, and even though he's underwater in the polling, there are still 30 percent of the public that thinks that he's doing the right thing on border security," he explained to Fox News.

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