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The Now or Never of AI: Business Leaders Are Ready to Take it Further in 2024


AI has been a hot topic lately. From marketing to product development, it’s creating a buzz every day and in every industry. But zooming out, is it a mere fad or can it be used for developing strategies for businesses looking to stay ahead in today's competitive landscape?

Artwork Flow recently conducted a survey on AI trends in Creative Operations among Global Business Leaders and gleaned some interesting insights.

One step at a time

In recent years, AI has become accessible, affordable, and influential to creators and leaders. One major finding in the report is that AI is a cornerstone strategy for creative leaders across the globe. The report shows that 21% of Business Leaders and 26% of Middle Management are using paid AI tools already. The rest of the study group admits that they’re currently analyzing how AI could benefit them.

Additionally, nearly 40% of the Business Leaders revealed they attend in-person events and conferences for upskilling on AI while others prefer blog posts, podcasts, and webinars.

When generative AI made its debut in 2022, there was frantic excitement amongst Creative and Marketing Leaders but now most users know how they can use AI as part of their day-to-day activities and what its limitations are.

AI applications for businesses

Creative and branding businesses are going all the way to optimize their operations and improve customer experience to stand out in the market. Leaders have started recognizing the potential of AI and how it can be efficiently used.

The majority of them struggle with major decision-making and keeping up with changing trends. AI could help them overcome this by providing data-backed insights and improving brand experiences for the customers. For instance, an e-commerce brand can use AI algorithms to analyze purchase histories and browsing patterns to offer personalized product recommendations to individual customers.

We have already seen some high-profile examples of AI usage in the biz world. The existence of generative AI tools for content creation, coding, SEO optimization, and more have been definitely saving time and cost for individuals and businesses.

2024 powered by AI

2024 is an anticipated year for both AI and Business Leaders. It is expected to become more localized by next year, which will include ethical considerations and sophistication, making it more efficient for strategic and daily activities within business organizations.

Currently, 39.4% of Creative Operations Leaders are operating without any hint of AI. But by 2024, we can see a steep rise where 84.8% of them will be upping their game by incorporating some aspect of AI into their daily tasks. It is a huge find indeed and also interesting to note how people are willing to embrace technology in their strategic decisions.
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AI is your co-pilot

“If you want a creative to really think outside the box or to reframe a problem, AI is amazing at ideation and discovery” — this is what Mark Brady, Global Solutions Head at HubSpot, shared with us in a recent podcast episode.

AI is an emerging technology that most Business Leaders are either evaluating or already investing in. Executives think that AI definitely has potential and can revolutionize business as we know it. While inhibitions do exist about AI, this survey has made it clear to us that the technology will mainly help creative teams boost productivity, eliminate grunt work,and save time.

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