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The Voice’s Reba McEntire storms out of chair to ‘silence’ Niall Horan and hastily blocks him during explosive premiere

By Lex Lecce,


THE VOICE has premiered with Reba McEntire as a judge, and she's already making waves.

The 68-year-old country singer got into it with One Direction star Niall Horan, 30.
Reba and Niall got into a fight on tonight's episode of The Voice Credit: NBC

The two judges turned around to duke it out for the same talented contestant.

Jordan Rainer, 33, from Oklahoma, was the first contestant of the night, and she sang Reba's song, Fancy.

She came out on the stage in an all-black outfit including a trenchcoat, wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses.

Every single judge turned around in hopes of being Jordan's coach.

Although Gwen Stefani begged to be her coach, the real fight came when Reba gave her pitch to The Voice contestant.

Reba was getting to know Jordan and asked how long she's lived in Nashville - the answer is eight years.

The legendary singer then said: "Well, if you do choose me as your coach, you know we'd have a blast."


While she was talking, Niall slammed on his red button which prompted Blake Shelton's voice to echo through the auditorium.

Niall had preprogrammed his button to play recordings spoken by the 47-year-old country singer.

All of the phrases praised Niall and gave him compliments.

The first one said: "Niall is like a son to me," and another said: "Niall is a global superstar."

As Reba continued to speak to the contestant, Niall hit the button relentlessly until she got out of her chair and stormed over to her fellow judge.

She got into Niall's chair and stood in front of him to prevent him from hitting the button.

Reba continued to speak to Jordan while trying to silence her boy band competition.

In the end, Jordan ended up choosing Reba to be her coach proving that Niall's shenanigans didn't work.

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