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Moose Chases Grizzly Into Glass Window After The Bear Ate One Of Her Calves In Glacier National Park

By Quinn Eaton,


Nature can sometimes be an ugly beast, and this wildlife chase down shows that the good guy (or moose) doesn’t always win.

The video picks up with the angered moose already chasing down the grizzly bear. Usually with these types of videos, it’s the other way around with the moose getting attacked by the bear, but this clip does a little bit of a role reversal.

This moose is chasing after the grizzly because it ate one of its newborn calves, and mama moose wasn’t going to let it have the other one.

A group of people witnessing the high speed chase are standing up on top of some sort of look out building at Glacier National Park, and even though the chase is pretty entertaining, there are a couple of moments I got distracted because the sites of the Montana landscape are breathtaking.

Neither the moose or the grizzly bear are worried about sightseeing though, as both of them are locked into a race with one another. When the clip first starts, the moose chases the bear out of the water and around a small shed at the park. The speed of both of the animals is quite impressive, and again, I don’t think people realize how big moose really are.

With people taking in the chase from the safety of the rooftop, the moose and bear continue their intense game of tag. The grizzly bear dives into the water trying to get away from the moose, and the big animal stays on the shore to wait it out.

The bear doesn’t stay in the water too long, sprinting back onto the road with the moose in hot pursuit. At this point, it appears that the moose gets within inches of knocking the bear over, and that would have spelled bad news for the grizzly.

If the moose could have gotten the grizzly on its back, I’m not sure the bear would have been much of a match. However, the fury beast narrowly avoids the extending legs of the moose and makes a sharp turn to avoid the attack.

The bear doesn’t do a great job of throwing on the brakes though, running right through a glass window of the building before altering its course once more and fleeing the scene altogether. People standing on the higher platform let out “oohs” and “ahhs” as they heard the glass break and watched the bear run away and lose the moose.

Hopefully the moose will one day be able to seek the revenge on the grizzly, but for now the bear escapes the fight, though it might have some minor scrapes and bruises from running through the window.

Check it out:

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