Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Allegedly Having 'Serious Money Issues' And 'Going Broke'

Entertainment Times
Entertainment Times

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle allegedly are in a "financial hole," and on their way to "going broke."
Prince Harry, Meghan MarkleReuters

The couple cited "financial freedom" as one of the reasons behind their exit from the British Monarchy. This explained the massive deals they closed with companies and ventures they started between 2020 and 2021.

But, sources now reveal that the two personalities are having some "serious money issues" in the United States. In the upcoming issue of Star magazine, it is spilled that the former working royals are "on their way to going broke."

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They’re going to need to make a living doing something other than profiting from trashing Harry’s family, his heritage, his beloved mother and her death. They must be coming to understand that ALL the contracts they’ve signed were specifically for them to “create as much controversy as possible” and unless they do it…they will not get paid the millions promised. Must be difficult and yet, they did it to themselves.

Alex Drake

They've pretty much already sold off any credibility they had for money. Maybe they can get a gig on the Jerry Springer Show. If that fails, I guess I can put them up in my utility shed in the back yard as long as they don't mind sleeping next to the Cub Cadet

Richard Azhocar

Wow. Now they can be like the rest of us common people. Welcome to the USA, and hurry up up and get a job. KFC and West Coast Building and Design are hiring in Santee, Ca are both hiring illegal aliens.


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