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Families Outraged After Kentucky County Votes To Dig Up 80 Graves

Families Outraged After Kentucky County Votes To Dig Up 80 Graves

Kentucky State News by Cyn Mackley

A plan to dig up 80 graves in a 128-year-old cemetery has drawn death threats in Clay County, Kentucky.

The Clay County Fiscal Court decided in favor of moving 80 graves located in a cemetery located near a Clay County elementary school.

Like many cemeteries in the Bluegrass State, this one is located at the top of a very steep hill. School officials say that the abandoned cemetery poses a safety risk to students in the classroom at Manchester Elementary.

The last burial in the cemetery was all the way back in 2005. There are over 80 graves in the cemetery, two of which are the final resting place of two Civil War vets.

However, families say the cemetery isn’t abandoned and there will be funerals there in the future. They don’t want their loved ones dug up and moved to another location. Family members have already voiced their objections to government officials and plan to take legal action if they have to.

School board officials say they’ve received threatening emails, some of which mention weapons. The emails are anonymous, so officials have no idea if they’re even real.

Kentucky State Police are investigating the threats.

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