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Grafton, ND

Gas prices Sunday: Most and least expensive in Grafton

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Grafton Updates
Grafton Updates

(GRAFTON, ND) Gas prices vary across the Grafton area, with some registering significantly above the average.

Depending on where you fill up, you could be losing as much as $0.05 per gallon, according to an analysis by GasBuddy on Sunday.

As of Sunday, prices ranged from $2.89 per gallon to $2.94, with an average price of $2.91 for regular, according to GasBuddy’s survey of stations in the Grafton area.

As of Sunday, the most expensive gas in the Grafton area appeared to be at Cenex, at 1111 12Th St.

If you’re hunting for a bargain, a great place to start is by steering clear of the most expensive stations in the city. Check out this list, starting with the most expensive as of 05:58 PM, Tuesday:

1111 12Th St, Grafton

The title of cheapest gas, meanwhile, goes to Simonson at 1144 Hill Ave. As of 05:58 PM, Tuesday, they had regular listed at $2.89 per gallon.

Note: All comparisons reference lowest available cash price for regular grade gasoline and were accurate as of 05:58 PM, Tuesday, Sunday, based on data from GasBuddy.

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