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Seattle Eats: Pike Place Chowder

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Vee Eats
Vee Eats
 19 days ago
Vee Eats

When you are in Seattle, you must try out the chowder in the city! I've heard endless compliments on how delicious Pike Place Chowder is and wanted to try their chowder flights. Located at the Pike Place Market, you can find the original flagship location on Post Aly Lane. Regardless of the time, there is always a line that wraps around the restaurant but it actually goes pretty fast and they have plenty of outdoor seating outside. They have a bunch of clam chowders and I wanted to try all of them so I decided on the chowder flight and a lobster roll. You order first then find seating outside and wait until they call out your number when it is ready. Since the line goes fast, this was more of a 'eat quickly then leave' type of place. They weren't kidding when they said it's the world's best clam chowder. It is way better than the ones I had in San Francisco or Monterey. I wish I could take some home with me instead of ordering online which they do offer shipping all over the state.

For the chowder flight, it came with their classic New England Clam, seafood bisque, smoked salmon, and crab and oyster chowder. I was a bit disappointed in the size of the flight since it seems like very small cups for the amount you pay for. You get a decent size of sourdough bread and oyster crackers to pair with it. My favorite of all time was the New England Chowder! Everyone says it's the best, and I can see why. It has a creamy and warm texture that leaves you all happy and tingly inside. This was hands down my favorite but the others weren't bad. My rating in order from most favorite to least: New England clam, crab and oyster, smoked salmon, and seafood bisque.

I also got the Maine lobster roll since you have to try one when you are in Seattle. While it was good, I felt that it was overpriced for a small roll and not worth the $23 I paid for. I wasn't overly impressed, and it tasted bland to me. They were generous in terms of the amount of lobster you get but just stick with the clam chowder instead and it tastes better.

Overall, I would come back to Pike Place Chowder in a heartbeat. If they had a location in the Bay Area, I would honestly go there every week just to get their delicious and comforting clam chowder. It is the ultimate chowder and nothing I had before even comes close to how amazing it is. Highly recommend this place when you are in the city!