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Seattle, WA

Seattle Eats: Xi’an Noodles for Hand-Pulled Noodles

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Vee Eats
Vee Eats
 23 days ago
Vee Eats

Hand-pulled noodles are one of my most favorite dishes and every time I come to Seattle, I always have to stop by Xi’an Noodles for authentic hand-pulled noodles! I found Xi'an Noodles on Yelp randomly when I came to visit. Before the pandemic, you used to be able to order and pay first, then grab a table with a number. However, they are now focusing on takeout and you can order online for pickup or call in. Focusing on Xi’an cuisine, they have a great selection of items on their menu ranging from things like their house specialties, street foods, rice noodles, and of course their noodles with soup or without soup. You can get hotpot or mala tang here which is a dry hot pot since there was an ingredients/sauce station. Most of the items start at $10 but their starter items are under $10.

Known for their hand-pulled noodles, my friends and I decided to try 3 different dishes. We got tomato egg noodles without soup, cumin lamb noodles. and the spicy beef noodles in soup. Out of all of them, my favorite was the spicy beef noodles. Because of the texture and thickness of the noodles, all the spices from the soup clung to it! Each bite was flavorful. The spiciness was more on the mild to medium side. The size of the noodles varied by piece; some were super fat and some were skinny which is the epitome of hand-pulled noodles. They're pretty generous with their shredded beef. I wasn't too huge of a fan of the tomato egg since it was more on the sweet side. As for the cumin lamb noodles, it was more on the dry side. Lamb wasn't bad but the noodles were more on the chewy side so it could've been softer.

Overall, I like this place! I wish they had a location in California but I will come back if I am ever in the Seattle area. Growing up eating Chinese food, Xi'an Noodles knows what they're doing. I didn't have a chance to try out their hotpot but it seems to be a popular option as well. I have been here about 2-3 times and their food is always consistent and their noodles leave me craving for more each time. If you have never tried these noodles before you have to add them to your list of places to try in the Seattle area.