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Airlines May Start Paying More Attention to Passenger Weight

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Bend With Tasha
Bend With Tasha
 25 days ago
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It is starting to warm up in most states and people are getting more comfortable traveling since the vaccine is available.

There have been so many questions regarding what rules the airlines will follow and what rules they will create, one of the many goals airlines have is to make sure that their passengers are safe.

Airlines may start asking passengers to step on the scale to ensure to aboard the plane since the obesity rate has increased in the United States. For those that are unaware of the weight of the plane matter; it prevents any mishaps from taking place.

In an article from Fox 2 News called "Airlines could soon start weighing passengers before flights" by Jeannette Settembre stated

"Regardless of the sampling method used, an operator has the option of surveying each passenger and bag abroad the aircraft and should give a passenger the right to decline to participate in any passenger or weight survey," the guidance says, according to AirInsightGroup.

The survey is said to be conducted on a voluntary basis, so if a passenger declines to participate, the airline is advised to select another traveler at random, according to the guidance."

This may upset a few passengers due to weighing someone can be seen as an insult especially for people that may be sensitive about their weight.

On the other hand, it is nice to see the airlines trying to increase the safety of their passengers' travel experience.

The airlines have not provided a date on when they will start asking people to step on the scale, this is still in the brainstorming stages.