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Elmwood Park, IL

New Star Restaurant - Elmwood Park, IL Restaurant Review

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Chicago Food King
Chicago Food King
 25 days ago

New Star Restaurant in Elmwood Park was opened over sixty years ago by the Moy family. In 2014, Tommy Moy retired and the new owners purchased this famous restaurant. They kept the Moy family tradition alive by keeping all of their famous foods on the menu, as well as adding new items. The new owners also added a very popular Hibachi grill in the back of the restaurant.
outside restaurantFrank S/ChicagoFoodKing

I remember growing up and going to New Star with my family. The Chinese food here was always the best in the Western suburbs, especially their egg rolls. In my opinion, they were the most consistently cooked egg rolls. They were perfectly crunchy with a unique mix of flavors. The shrimp or pork filling was mouth-watering and delicious. I added some sweet and sour and hot mustard sauce for dipping and it was so flavorful.
their famous eggrollsCourtesy of Emullins photography

When I went to eat at the restaurant with the new owners, I was nervous that I would not have the same consistency with my favorite dishes. However, to my amazement, everything tasted just as good, if not better.
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One of my favorite items that I ordered was the New Star appetizer platter, which consisted of two egg rolls, two BBQ ribs, two fried shrimp, two potstickers, two crab rangoons, and two shrimp roasts. This was an excellent appetizer to get, as it was a variety of their appetizers all at once. Some of the main dishes that I ordered were beef fried rice, Mongolian beef, orange chicken, and chicken lo mein with a side of hot chili oil. Another local favorite that I ordered was Moy’s Special, which consisted of beef, chicken, and shrimp sautéed with Chinese vegetables in a black bean garlic sauce, served over pan-fried noodles.
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I have eaten at their Hibachi grill in a past visit and it was fantastic. It was always a fun show to watch as food is being prepared. The garlic noodles and garlic shrimp were amazing and complemented any additional dishes that I ordered.
Hibachi showFrank S/ChicagoFoodKing

The restaurant was a pretty big space with the main dining room set up to fit a lot of people. The Hibachi grill area was its own large room set up in the back, separate from the main restaurant.
love the garlic noodlestripadvisor

The front area was always busy every time I visited this restaurant. The phone was constantly ringing with customers calling in their orders. The service was always very good and attentive. The atmosphere was family orientated and always very busy on the weekends.

I will definitely be back to this Western suburb icon to have their one-of-a-kind eggrolls. I give New Star restaurant a rating of 9 out of 10.

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