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Chicago, IL

Five of the Best Bakeries in Chicago

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Brandon Wang
Brandon Wang
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During those times of the morning when you need a quick bite to eat or a sweet snack halfway during the day, bakeries have always been a great option to hit up for a small snack. You can find bakeries pretty much anywhere around the world and Chicago is no different. In fact, there are so many bakeries in the city that you could probably visit a new one every single day for an entire year.

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to tell which bakeries are really the best in town. If you are still looking for new places to try out, here are five of the best bakeries from around the city. These locations are all amazing spots for all types of baked goods from pies to macarons. With so many bakeries in the city, there have been many notable locations that have not made the list but these five locations make an excellent starting point.

1. Alliance Bakery

Alliance Bakery is found right in the middle of Wicker Park and is most well known for their intricate cakes and French desserts. They have a large selection which will satisfy many with items ranging from eclairs to macarons. Recently, they have also expanded to open up a second location a little bit deeper in the city in River North.

Alliance Bakery can be found located at 1736 W Division St.

2. Sweet Mandy B's

Sweet Mandy B's is famous in the Lincoln Park neighborhood and is well known for their cupcakes. The also offer many other sweets like cookies or pies but it would be a shame to visit Sweet Mandy B's and miss out on their cupcakes. Each cupcake flavor and creation is absolutely crazy and is not just a great dessert to satisfy any sweet tooth but also a sweet sight for the eyes.

Sweet Mandy B's can be found located at 1208 W Webster Ave.

3. Floriole Cafe & Bakery

Floriole is owned by the famously acclaimed chef Sandra Holl. Sandra Holl boast a strong culinary education from the California Culinary Academy and has grown immensely from her time at the famous Tartine Bakery in San Francisco. Chef Holl has been a star feature in networks like Bon Appetit and held the title of Pasty Chef of the Year back in 2015.

Floriole Cafe & Bakery can be found located at 1220 W Webster Ave.

4. Bang Bang Pie Shop

If you are only going to visit one place on the list, please choose Bang Bang Pie Shop and visit this establishment. They have hands down the best pies anywhere in the whole Midwest. Their most popular pies are the berry pies and key lime pie. In addition to these choices, they also have a very fluid menu that changes with the seasons to include what is freshest during the specific time of the year. Whatever you end up selecting, you will not regret as these pies are truly divine.

Bang Bang Pie Shop can be located at 2051 N California Ave. In addition to the original Logan Square location, they have since expanded to multiple other locations around the area.

5. Roeser's Bakery

Roeser's Bakery is definitely the location on this list with the most history. The bakery itself has been serving the Chicago area for longer than a century. That is right. Roeser's Bakery has been selling its baked goods for longer than a hundred years. The bakery itself prides itself on their cakes and tortes but also has a plethora of other baked goods as well.

Roeser's Bakery can be found located at 3216 W North Ave.

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