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Orcutt, CA

Embracing Nature in the Lovely Waller Park in Orcutt, CA

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Anne Bonfert
Anne Bonfert
 27 days ago
Pond in the Waller ParkAdrian Herrera on Unsplash

Orcutt is about half an hour drive away from Lompoc and in case you are looking for new adventures and a different piece of nature to explore the Waller Park could be the right choice. The park is part of the neighborhood Waller Park Majestic which is the most walkable neighborhood of Orcutt.

Waller Park is a lovely park in town with lots of trees and greenery. The wooded park has a fountain where ducks are home. Playgrounds are inviting children for an afternoon in nature. Parents can go for easy walks along the trails of the park while their children are happily playing in the park's facilities.

Pet lovers will be happy around here since you are allowed to bring your dog and there is no leash obligation when walking your dog in the park.

Another fun activity to do in Waller Park is to play disc golf which is the only facility in this area.

Nature enthusiasts and photographers often walk down the trails in search of another rare sighting or the perfect shot.

Bird lovers can spot many different birds throughout the season. The Ross' and the Cackling Goose are popular among bird watchers. Western Bluebirds are also home in the park and often show their feather. In wintertime, the highlight is to spot one of the visitors for the season which is the White-Crowned Sparrow.

Hummingbirds are beautiful to look at and if bird watcher or not anyone loves their sight. Various types of hummingbirds reside in the park and look for food on the several bird feeders placed in the trees.

The park is also popular for day visitors since picnic facilities are available throughout the park. For outdoor lovers, an open kitchen is located at the Lakeview Terrace offering a stunning view across the pond.

If you are planning an event with your family or friends this park could be the right choice for you. Parking is nearby and easy to find.

I hope I could inspire you for your next excursion when visiting Lompoc or the surroundings of Santa Barbara County.


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