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    Kitten Tossed Out of Car in New York, Rescued by Passerby

    By Namrata Padhee,

    26 days ago
    (Photo Credit: Anita Kot | Getty Images)

    Earlier this month, a kind samaritan saved a kitten when someone tossed her out of a car window in Dutchess County, New York. The kitten was dumped in the middle of one of the busiest streets in the region. The passerby saved her just in time to avoid her getting run over.

    5-week-old kitten tossed out of car window on busy New York street

    Joseph Logiudice wasn’t expecting to be a witness to a case of animal cruelty when he was driving down the road. He noticed an individual tossing a 5-week-old kitten out of their car window. What’s worse is the street is one of the busiest in Dutchess County. So, the kitty wouldn’t have survived if she had been left there.

    Logiudice noted that it wasn’t a decision for him, per People . He instantly sprung into action to rescue the kitten. The kind rescuer stated, “I’m not sure if nobody else noticed or just didn’t care, but I couldn’t live with watching such a small helpless creature get run over.” He brought her back to his car, only for the feline to vanish. Logiudice later spotted her in his dashboard. He drove to the Dutchess County SPCA (DCSPCA) in hopes of them helping get her out.

    Getting the kitten out of the car’s dashboard wasn’t easy. The DCSPCA staff had to spend about half an hour coaxing her. The little tabby was named Paradise and is estimated to be about five weeks old. She weighs around 1 pound and can’t be spayed or put up for adoption till she reaches at least 2 pounds.

    Paradise is currently in foster care , where she will stay until she turns eight to ten weeks old. By then, she should reach her goal weight. Following this, she will be spayed and ready for adoption. Executive Director of DCSPCA Lynne Meloccaro noted, “It’s hard to imagine anything more terrifying and dangerous for a little kitten than being dropped onto a busy roadway.”

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