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    Charge Diddy With Kidnapping and Lock Him Up For 15 Years, Says Parkland Judge

    By Jamie Frevele,

    25 days ago

    After the release of the shocking 2016 video showing hip-hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs assaulting his then-girlfriend Cassie Ventura, Combs has since apologized for his actions, though some are still not satisfied. One judge told Law & Crime that he should be locked up and charged with kidnapping.

    Law & Crime’s Jesse Weber spoke with former judge Elizabeth Scherer, who presided over the 2022 trial of Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz and is now in private practice. When asked about the video, Scherer said it was “one of the most shocking videos” she’s ever seen. So what about consequences?

    Weber: From a legal point of view. I want you to clear something up for us. Let’s go to L.A. County District Attorney’s office said we can’t prosecute this case because it happened in 2016. There’s a statute of limitations, I believe, for felony assault. It’s three years. I even kind of did a brief research about whether or not he could be charged for allegedly tampering with evidence or something like that. I think it does also fall into the statute of limitations. You’re [a] former judge, attorney, it’s important to have the statute of limitations, but you can also understand why it would be frustrating for people to see this and say, how is he not being brought up on criminal charges in California for this?

    Scherer: Well, first of all, if this woman tried to press charges and they declined the case and said there wasn’t enough evidence, and it, in fact, turns out that it’s because he purchased the evidence, or he tampered with evidence, that there will be an exception to the statute of limitations. That’s number one. Number two, why are we not charging this guy with false imprisonment? Why are we not charging this guy with with kidnapping? Why are we not charging him with aggravated battery? Those are all second-degree felonies, each of which carries a 15-year prison sentence, each of which would have a much longer statute of limitations period for the filing. I mean, he’s hitting her with a vase. That’s a deadly weapon. He’s holding her down. He’s keeping her from leaving that particular hotel. You can tell she’s trying to get out. She has her bag. She’s trying to get on the elevator. And he’s dragging her back. That’s kidnapping. Could be argued with armed kidnaping because he’s throwing, deadly weapons at her — a shoe, a vase, these can all be considered a weapon.

    Watch the video above via Law & Crime Network on YouTube.

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