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    Cal City seeking to fulfill management vacancy at airport

    By Steve Virgen,


    Tech 45 and Airport Management Partners vying to manage California City Airport; both groups say airport has great potential.

    • Representatives from two management groups spoke at a recent city council meeting as they vie to manage the California City Airport.
    • They are gathering more information and are scheduled to present revised proposals at next week's city council meeting.
    • Tech 45 is asking for $80,000 for the year, while Airport Management Partners is not requiring money, but want a percentage of the revenue, possibly 80 percent.


    When it comes to plans for the California City Airport, these two are still on the runway.

    But many people are excited to see them take off...

    I'm Steve Virgen, your neighborhood reporter...

    Two management groups are vying to land their pitch to the city council.

    "I'm standing in front of pictures of Pancho Barnes, like a local aviation legend."

    Saro Marcarian, a pilot, represents the Airport Management Partners vying to manage the Cal City Airport. He speaks with excitement about the airport while in a briefing room of the empty place.

    "Let's keep it alive. Let's get it going. Let's make it part of Cal City. Let's make the airport a point of pride and a point of identity for the city and get it to where it really benefits the community," Marcarian said.

    "We want to make sure that every part of the airport is set up for success," Chad Rosacker said.

    Chad Rosacker, founder of Tech 45, based in Tehachapi, also wants what's best for Cal City Airport. Rosacker and Marcarian spoke about their plans at last week's city council meeting. 23ABC
    Cal City Neighborhood Reporter Steve Virgen interviewing Chad Rosacker, founder of Tech 45.

    Tech 45 wants 80,000 dollars for the year. Rosacker said they lowered their prices because they are sensitive to Cal City's fiscal issues.

    "So, Tech 45 is an ethically pure and conflict-of-interest-free way for the city to have good, educated representation," Rosacker said.

    Marcarian is part of a group that asks for no money upfront. They are wanting a percentage of the revenue, possibly 80%, yet they are willing to renegotiate if profits rise, Marcarian said at the council meeting.

    "With the airport losing money over the past several years, if not longer, does the city really want to keep paying somebody to do the work? Or, do we want to have somebody come in, see what's wrong, see what they can fix and see if they can do better?" said Jim Creighton, a Cal City council member.

    The airport sits empty and in need of several repairs. Seeking management is at its very early stages. Both groups are expected to deliver revised proposals gained from more information at next week's council meeting.

    "The airport can come back to its former glory, if not even better, given some attention that it has been lacking over the past 4, 5, 6 years," Creighton said.

    Cal City Airport was founded more than 60 years ago.

    There is no plan to shut it down.

    I'm Steve Virgen, your neighborhood reporter.

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