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    Girl returns to school where gang violated her, as crowd gathers at doorway to show support

    By Suzanne Downing,

    Peyton Guthrie is interviewed by broadcaster Bob Lester of KWHL as she returns on Thursday to Clark Middle School.

    The 14-year-old student at Clark Middle School in Anchorage, having been savagely beaten by a violent gang of students in late March, finally returned to school Thursday. She was accompanied by a crowd of well-wishers led by Bob Lester, cohost of the KWHL morning show “Bob and Brock.”

    Peyton Guthrie mustered all the poise of an adult when she arrived at the school at around 8 a.m. Thursday and approached the crowd of 20 people who had come to support her. A small group of police officers stood nearby, while Lester interviewed Peyton and her mother, Natasha Guthrie.

    “In response to the harrowing incident, Bob Lester and Brock Lindow of Alaska’s Morning Show took initiative, rallying concerned members of the community to accompany the victimized student back to school on Thursday morning. This collective gesture aims not only to demonstrate unity but also to offer emotional solace to the affected family as the girl bravely returns to the unsettling atmosphere of her educational environment,” wrote about the return of Peyton to her school.

    Natasha Guthrie said, “Thank you so much everybody for being here, it really means a lot.” Guthrie has been on a mission to raise awareness about bullying and violence in Anchorage schools, and she is fighting for safety campuses so other students don’t endure the savage beating her daughter went through.

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