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Tom Handy

Governor Abbott Said the Crisis is Chaotic and Needs to Stop

Governor Abbott speaks at the Manhattan Institute on the migrant crisisPhoto byX (Twitter)

Governor Greg Abbott stopped in New York City where the migrant crisis is busy as New York leaders look for solutions. Governor Abbott stopped and made several appearances to share his thoughts on the border crisis.

On Wednesday, Governor Abbott did an interview on Fox & Friends.

Governor Abbott said according to Spectrum:

“What is going on in New York is calm and organized compared to the real chaos of what we see on the border not every day, but every hour of every day.”
“We’ve sent about 10% of the migrants that you have here which candidly would be easy for New York to deal with.”
“The challenge that the city of New York and the state of New York are dealing with is caused by one person: Joe Biden.”
“They must prevail upon their president for more than just money. They need a change in policy.”

While in New York City, Governor Abbott also spoke at the Manhattan Institute addressing the migrant crisis on Wednesday.

Abbott said according to a press release:

“We as a nation are facing an extraordinary challenge, quite literally a national crisis, as we gather in New York today.”
“There are ways in which Texas is stopping people from illegally entering, but the Biden Administration wants those people to come in. This is unsustainable, and those are the words of your Mayor. Those are the words of the Mayors of Chicago and Los Angeles. Those are the words of the Governor of Texas. What’s going on is unsustainable. It’s a crisis that’s chaotic and must stop. While we are waiting on a President who is going to enforce the laws—not even pass new laws—that are currently on the books, Texas is going to continue to use every tool we can to secure the border in the best way that we can.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams initially blamed Governor Abbott but is slowly directing his criticism toward President Biden and asking for more support.

President Biden did provide work authorization for 60,000 Venezuelan migrants according to CNN.

How do you think Governor Abbott is doing to prevent illegal immigrants from crossing the border?


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