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Tom Handy

New York Mayor Adams Warns Low-Income Residents Will Suffer If The City Doesn't Get Funds

Mayor Adams supports people from Central AmericaPhoto byX (Twitter)

New York City Mayor Eric Adams gave an interview this past week and bluntly stated that residents of the City will feel the effects if President Joe Biden doesn’t provide funding to support migrants. For the past few months, the number of migrants increased to over 100,000 which the City supports.  

New York City has received some funds according to Spectrum 1, but Mayor Adams said he needs more to cover the City's budget.

In an MSNBC interview, Mayor Adams addressed the current state of support for migrants. The mayor said this will hurt low-income New Yorkers. 

Mayor Adams said:

“I've spent the night in a shelter with migrants and spoke with them. I've marched and visited with them and interacted with them. We have provided some of the best care throughout this entire country of migrants and asylum seekers. And we're a city of immigrants, and my support in immigrant communities is strong.”
“But we cannot ignore the fact, we spent $2 billion already, [and] we're projected to spend $5 billion. That money is going to come from somewhere. We made great strides in supporting foster care children, putting money into housing, putting money into low-income New Yorkers [and] really providing a way for those migrants that are here.”
“If we don't receive help from the federal government and additional help from the state government, then this is going to come from somewhere, and it's going to hurt low income New Yorkers.” 

The New York Post published Mayor Adams was preparing to cut the City’s budget by about 15% to help fund migrants and low-income New Yorkers. He said this affects all New York agencies. 

Days after Mayor Adams’ interview, Councilwoman Carmen Dela Rosa said according to CBS New York:

"These budgets cuts will have a devastating impact not only on city services but on the real lives of New Yorkers. And as we welcome and continue to welcome immigrants into this city, we all must make sure that we can serve them."  

President Biden promised Governor Kathy Hochul he would provide more funding for migrants according to the New York Post.

You can hear more from Mayor Adams in this video.

How do you feel about the way things are going in New York City?

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