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Mars Goes Into Libra On August 27th, 2023


On Sunday, Mars will leave Virgo and enter Libra, giving us the urge to work on our close relationships.
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“I’m feeling motivated to bring equilibrium to my close relationships.”

After almost 2 years, Mars will transit through the sign of the scales, giving us the urge to take action that brings us harmony. The last time Mars was in Libra was in the fall of 2023, From September 15th to October 30th.

One thing to note, however, is that Mars is in Detriment while it’s in the sign of the scales.

Essential Dignities is a system used in Astrology that allows us to see which signs perform excellently or have a more difficult time in certain planets. With all of the different Astrological combinations, at some point, a celestial body, when mixed with a particular zodiac sign, may experience an awkward time.

Therefore, a pairing like this can be a mixed bag of energy due to Mars ruling Aries, the polar opposite of the Libran vibration. Mars is all about doing things on its own terms and for the self, while Libra is focused on taking action that aids others. Obviously, helping others is great; however, Mars tends to struggle with channeling its energy into close-knit bonds but excels at doing things for itself.

Even though some of this could create confusing moments, it doesn’t mean we won’t have a constructive time with this combination. So, some good things do come out of Mars in Libra.

The lovely thing about Mars in this sign is it seeks fairness. Mars is how we get motivated; it’s our driving force, so in Libra, it seeks fairness. This is a fantastic alignment for empowering others so you could feel motivated to advocate in a way that helps people.

Under this influence, we have enough energy to lend our support to others and vice versa. With this alignment, we feel motivated to act in a way that brings harmony to people and backing for individuals who need someone on their side.

Of course, this doesn’t have to be in a harsh way; supporting could be as simple as having a co-worker’s back on a project or lending a helping hand to your neighbor who needs to borrow a cup of sugar. Another way this could manifest is by giving a pep talk to someone close to you who’s not feeling super fabulous.

Our need for interactions with others becomes more enunciated under this zodiac placement.

Libra is all about our close one-on-one relationships, so this sign is known for being about our romantic scenarios. Also this could be platonic, as well, since this zodiac sign governs close unions concerning vital friendships and business partners.

Energetically, we might feel inspired to take action on our love lives. If you’re single, then this might be a phase to become an active participant in your romantic situation. So, it’s a period to get you back on the dating scene. Another thing with energy like this is it promotes attracting those looking for something long-term and helps us weed out the good-for-the-moment types.

For those in relationships, this could be a time when you are working towards fairness in your union, more togetherness, romance, and fun activities to share with one another. One of the high-vibe things about this pairing is that it helps people work on bringing some balance to their already-established union.

For both singles and people in committed partnerships, this could also be a phase to experience passion in your love life. In other words, Mars has to do with bedroom antics, so paired with a sign about harmony like Libra, it could be a time of mutually ensuring both parties get an even intimate exchange.

In our platonic relationships, we could also act in a way that brings in a dose of fairness, so anything to do with close friends and family could finally get some balance. Over this period, we could feel more social, leading to hanging out more with our closest pals. Also, it might be a period to pick up where we left off with a union that deserves our attention.

Also, if you’re looking to collaborate with others, this could be when negotiating contracts or strategies finally takes shape. A pairing like this promotes partnering up and agreements, so it’s a phase to take action on situations that benefit both parties professionally and documentation-wise.

Another awesome thing with this is if you’ve felt stuck artistically, that could be when you are taking action on your creative projects.

Mars in Libra energizes us in a way that produces strokes of inspiration, allowing us to push through artistic block. And, if we’re simply craving aesthetics, this is the perfect vibe to go gallery hopping and participate in other cultural happenings.

Now for the lower vibration of this alignment.

With any sign pairing, there's always a higher and more problematic vibration.

As mentioned earlier, Mars is ruled by Aries, the opposite of Libra, which is about taking quick, decisive action. However, Libra is about weighing out our options to ensure their balance, which could lead to going back and forth about what we want or if we’re making the right choice.

Another way this could show up is through experiencing moments of being so concerned about what others think or keeping the peace that it prevents us from healthy self-assertion. Therefore, this could be a period to understand the importance of speaking up regardless if it disrupts the flow.

Concerning balance, a vibe like this might create issues with one-sided fairness. In other words, one of the lower Librian expressions is tipping the scales in favor of equilibrium for another party or us when paired with Mars.

With energy like this, passive aggressiveness becomes more pronounced. One of the great things about Libra is its ability to compromise; however, due to the not rocking the boat, nature of this vibe built up resentment occurs. As a result, we might behave in a petty manner or experience covert aggression.

If you feel as though you're not getting the fairness you deserve, try to speak up whenever you can. There are times the other person doesn’t know that they were doing something wrong, so it’s essential to express how you feel so they get the opportunity to course-correct.

Even with this energy's more problematic manifestations, remember this combination has many advantages.

Let’s use it to take actions that lead to abundant harmony in our lives.

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