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    Why are people walking out of Chipotle midorder?

    By Chase Martin,

    28 days ago
    A Chipotle Mexican Grill logo hangs outside a restaurant location, Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2022, in Westwood, Mass. TikTok users are filming themselves walking out of Chipotle midorder as a way to boycott the popular fast-food chain. | Steven Senne

    TikTok users are filming themselves walking out of Chipotle midorder as a way to boycott the popular fast-food chain.

    In these videos, users typically walk into Chipotle stores and begin placing their orders, showing how much food workers put into their bowls. The main point of contention, however, is the meat portion sizes, which many find unsatisfactory.

    Some TikTok posters press workers for larger portion sizes, while others simply leave the store without completing their orders.

    Not all experiences shared are negative, though. Some users participating in this trend show satisfactory portion sizes.

    Why are people walking out of Chipotle?

    The trend stems from a desire to boycott Chipotle due to rising prices and shrinking portion sizes at the fast-food restaurant.

    This issue has been highlighted by popular food critic Keith Lee , who recently reviewed Chipotle.

    “I used to love Chipotle. Lately, Chipotle has not hit the same, in my opinion,” Lee said at the start of his video. “Is it still like that or has something changed? I truly want to find out.”

    In his review, Lee rated Chipotle’s tacos, quesadilla and bowl. While the tacos received a favorable score of 8 out of 10, the quesadilla and bowl received much lower scores of 2.5 out of 10 and 2 out of 10, respectively. He also noted that his bowl had almost no chicken.


    Chipotle taste test 💕 would you try it ? 💕 #foodcritic

    ♬ original sound - Keith Lee

    Following Lee’s review, other users have voiced their dissatisfaction with their experiences at Chipotle, complaining about a decline in quality amid rising prices.

    According to Eat This, Not That! , Chipotle will increase prices by 2.5% to 3% in 2024, following price hikes in 2023 that were attributed to inflation.

    One user, @itzadzz , wanting to verify these claims, filmed himself ordering at Chipotle. When he requested chicken, he received only a few pieces and subsequently walked out without finishing his order.

    Users argue that walking out midorder is the best way to make their voices heard over their dissatisfaction.

    Is fast food getting too expensive?

    This trend taps into a broader discontent over rising food prices at fast-food chains.

    According to NBC News , inflation fatigue has led to fewer people eating out at fast-food restaurants, negatively impacting these businesses. McDonald’s, for example, has reported losing customers due to higher prices.

    Chris Kempczinski, CEO of McDonald’s, acknowledged the issue, saying in an earnings call, “Eating at home has become more affordable. The battleground is certainly with that low-income consumer.”

    Despite this, some companies like Chipotle have seen an increase in sales after price hikes, per NBC News.

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