It's National Donut Day! Checking Out Maryville's Hidden Gem - Richy Kreme Donuts

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 13 days ago


It's getting harder to find those businesses that carry on legacy and traditions, decade after decade, but Richy Kreme Do-Nuts in Maryville, Tennessee, has found a way to carve their own legendary path in the donut world. I stopped in to chat with Dustin, the new owner, and give everyone a background on him, the donuts, and what is to come. There is a little significance to Richy Kreme for us personally, as Babs made the jump from stay at home mom to full time donut make and is absolutely loving it. For more info on Richy Kreme, check the links below. Richy Kreme Do-Nuts is located at: 2601 E Broadway Ave, Maryville, TN 37804 <a href=""></a>/ Instagram - <a href=""></a> Facebook - <a href=""></a> Myrtle's Bakehouse Cookies 🙌🏻 <a href=""></a> #hiddengems

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