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    Many still being affected by fallen trees from recent storms.

    By Sammy Petrocco,



    This weeks storms on Monday and Tuesday brought down a lot of large trees on a number of houses. This trees are still being removed off of these houses and yards a few days after. Troy Cage, owner of Cajun Tree Cutters and many others are helping in removing these trees.

    A M.C.S. or Mesoscale Convective System, is a cluster, group, or line of storms that form into a system and can last up to 12 hours or longer. These storms brought heavy periods of rain, with up to 7 inches in a lot of localized areas, and strong wind gusts of 60+ mph. With a very soft, wet ground and stronger winds, old or young, large or small were blown over onto houses.

    Just saturated ground and then that wind came through, that’s all it took. The ground is just, the ground is just messed up, it’s so soft right now with all the rain.

    Troy Cage, Owner of Cajun Tree Cutters

    On Timberwood Drive, near Swartz, La, Troy and his sons were helping remove a large oak tree off of a house. Although, I was unable to speak to the homeowners, many others have also had the same fate. Troy talks about the many other trees they have helped move.

    So far we’ve done five removals off of homes. This one, when we get this done this actually number six and we’ve got two more to do, when we get done with this one.

    Troy Cage, Owner of Cajun Tree Cutters

    How to prevent this? Any old or dead limbs or trees should be removed as they are more susceptible to blowing over. However this doesn’t mean the younger trees can’t be blown over either. With all the rain received over the past 2 months, the ground is very soft and wet and strong enough winds in the right direction can blow any tree over.

    You know if you got large trees that are close enough to your home, that could fall on your home, get someone to come out and assess it and look at it. That you know everything looks good with it, and if there’s any questions, call a tree service to come out and look at it. It’s not a matter of if it’s going to fall as when it’s going to fall, cause the right wind to hit it, right conditions, all trees will come down.

    Troy Cage, Owner of Cajun Tree Cutters

    If you are worried about any trees close to your property, or want a professionals opinion on whether you should remove a tree you can contact Cajun Tree Cutters at 318.396.5619.

    Weather can strike at any moment, so staying weather aware, having multiple ways of receiving weather updates as the weather team provides them, and staying prepared for any event, can help prevent some of this damage to yours or others property.

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