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    Little Boy And Baby Horse Caught On Camera Having The Most Precious Moment

    By Taylor Cunningham,


    A precious moment between a little boy and his baby horse is melting hearts.

    Four-year-old Frenkie Selles is a budding professional equestrian and all-around lover of animals, especially horses. According to his Instagram page , the competitive jumper has many hooved friends and seems to have the natural ability to bond with the animals.

    On his page, Frenkie has dozens of posts that show him playing with horses and ponies of all ages, but he seems to particularly like the foals, and the feelings are clearly mutual. The baby horses gravitate, communicate, and play with the kid in adorable ways. But one video of the little boy and a baby horse is so heartwarming that it’s gone viral .

    The clip shows that “this little boy and baby horse are best friends.” Frenkie sits in a dirt-filled arena with a tiny foal that is lying on its side. Frenkie pets and kisses his friend. The foal closes its eyes and rests its head on Frenkie’s leg, showing absolute trust and vulnerability.

    The Video Of The Little Boy And His Baby Horse Is “100% Pure Innocence”

    The video is being shared by several publications, and viewers can’t get over the wholesomeness of the friendship.

    “Cute moment, the baby horse is laying on him like a dog,” someone wrote under a video shared by Pubity.

    “This will be a lifelong relationship,” another added. “They will be able to trust each other their entire lives. This is wonderful.”

    “100% pure innocence,” someone shared.

    “They speak the same language,” another person noted.

    Share this beautiful story with everyone who needs to remember that “maybe this world isn’t so bad after all.”

    You can find the source of this story’s featured image here .

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