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    Justin Long Just Proved That Hollywood Exes Can Get Along With This Sweet Note About Drew Barrymore

    By Maggie Clancy,

    23 days ago

    While some Hollywood splits can be messy and dramatic , others show that love can evolve into a lasting friendship . Case in point? Justin Long and Drew Barrymore. Despite their past romantic relationship, these two have maintained a supportive and affectionate bond over the years.

    “I don’t think love — unless there’s some, like, great offense, some criminal offense — I don’t think love disappears,” Long, 45, said during the May 21 episode of Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Dinner’s on Me podcast, per Peopl e . “I mean that about her. When I think about her, I have such deep affection and, you know, always root for her. I love her.”

    Long and Barrymore’s love story began in 2007 when they started dating after meeting on the set of He’s Just Not That Into You . Their chemistry both on and off-screen was palpable. However, like many Hollywood romances, their relationship didn’t last forever, and they parted ways in 2008. Despite the breakup, the two remained close friends, often spotted together.

    One such moment occurred in 2018 when Long was newly single, and the former couple was seen in public together . This sighting sparked rumors about a possible rekindling of their romance, but it soon became clear that they were simply maintaining their strong friendship. Fast forward to May 2023, when Long announced his engagement to Kate Bosworth. Barrymore was over the moon with excitement for her old flame, showcasing the depth of their enduring affection.

    “So we have a very important person in common,” Barrymore said to Bosworth on her show. “My very dear old friend Justin Long, a boyfriend, a dear friend. And he and Kate have found each other in this world and become this incredibly joyous, bonded, real deal, the ultimate couple you root for.“

    Long also reflected on the emotional reunion they had when he appeared on Barrymore’s daytime talk show back in 2022. “I was single, and we had that moment that we were trying to define [our friendship] moving forward in each other’s lives, because we have so much love for each other,” Long recalled. “And at the end of the day, we are dear friends.”

    Their reunion on Barrymore’s show was a reminder of their special connection. “When you’re with Drew, she is so hyper-present and loving,” Long shared. “But it’s not a schtick — it’s not an act. So being on her show was that experience and the reminder of that, and how just wonderful that glow feels.” He added, “And then you kinda snap out of it, or people have a reaction in the audience and you’re reminded of like, ‘Oh, yeah … this is being filmed,’” which made the experience somewhat surreal.

    Long and Barrymore’s story is a heartwarming example of how relationships can transcend romantic boundaries and evolve into lifelong friendships. Their mutual respect and affection serve as a reminder that genuine connections can persist, even after the romance has ended.

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