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    Kevin Costner's Friends Are Reportedly Concerned That His Well-Being Hinges on 'Horizon' Success

    By Kristyn Burtt,

    24 days ago

    The headlines surrounding Kevin Costner over the last year have been dramatic — from his divorce to his exit from Yellowstone . It’s a lot to process when you factor in his work on the first two parts of Horizon: An American Saga, and that’s where the 69-year-old friends enter the chat; they are worried about him.

    “You could see how ‘shell-shocked’ Kevin has been after the last year and a half where he got divorced, fought publicly with the Yellowstone bosses, and had to make these two Horizon movies with his own money before he could convince anybody to release them,” a pal told Life & Style . Costner revealed to IndieWire that he forked over “ just shy of $100 million ” of his own money to finance the project by taking out a mortgage on his $145 million Southern California ranch.

    The insider was concerned that the “whole ordeal aged him” which seemed to be evident in “his body language, his spaced-out, glassy stare, and the slow, raspy way he speaks,” at CinemaCon. While Costner looked pretty sharp at the Cannes Film Festival promoting the first installment of his film, he didn’t shirk away from the thought that he could easily lose his investment in the movie franchise. “I don’t think this movie is more important than any other movie I made. But it was somehow important for me to make it,” he explained to IndieWire . “I had never fallen out of love with it. … And I don’t want to have to answer to anybody.”

    It’s easy to appreciate the Oscar winner’s passion for his craft, but that still isn’t stopping his friends from voicing their concerns about his private life. “There’s such a thing as giving TOO MUCH of yourself to a movie project, and that’s what’s happened to Kevin here,” the Life & Style source noted. “Friends worry about Kevin because of the wars he’s been through in the last year and a half: his marriage ending, his fight with the Yellowstone bosses, and the monumental battle to get Horizon: An American Saga made.”

    Costner will have to wait and see if audiences respond to his passion project. Chapter one of Horizon will be out June 28 and the second part will be out Aug. 16. “Everybody has their limits, even somebody as self-reliant as Kevin, and you can see how hard he’s pushed himself when you spend a little time with him in person,” summed up his worried pal. Given Costner’s emotional reaction to the audience’s standing ovation in France, he’s headed for another box-office success.

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