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    This Viral Oral Hygiene Brand That TikTok Can’t Get Enough of Just Dropped A Brand New Product That Shoppers Are Calling their “Favorite One Yet”

    By Jacquelyn Greenfield,

    24 days ago

    Let’s face it: TikTok is incredibly influential. Whether you like the app or not, some of the best (and now most-used) products on the market have become mainstream because a handful of people just decided to share their thoughts. And this is for practically anything you can think of — from major items for your homes like couches or appliances to everyday things like designer deodorants and oral hygiene products — TikTok is the place to find it all. Speaking of oral hygiene products , social media’s favorite mouthwash brand, TheraBreath , just dropped its latest mouth rinse , which shoppers call their “ favorite one yet .”

    Even if you’re not privy to the app, chances are you’ve probably seen TheraBreath products and just haven’t noticed. Unlike other oral hygiene products on the market, usually in stark white or aqua blue packaging like Listerine, TheraBreath is most recognizable by its fun, brightly colored bottles and signature orange caps. But the difference doesn’t stop there. TheraBreath prides itself on having alcohol- and dye-free formulas favored by dentists and consumers to help prevent bad breath. This is how a simple, everyday product like mouthwash could go viral and practically stop the internet in its tracks.

    Deep Clean Antiseptic Rinse Fresh Mint Mouthwash (Pack of 2)

    $18 Buy Now

    The new TheraBreath Deep Clean Oral Rinse is the brand’s first step into the antiseptic space. Typically, most mouthwashes are just antibacterial, which targets certain bacteria. The new rinse treats both specific bacteria while killing germs that can cause “bad breath, plaque, and gingivitis,” according to the brand. And the best part is, it doesn’t burn when you use it. Do you know how other mouthwashes can make you feel like your mouth is on fire? So much so, it deters you from ever using it? Yeah, well, with this new TheraBreath Deep Clean Rinse , that’s not a thing, which is why people love it so much.

    Even though it just launched, the new rinse has already garnered a 4.7-star rating on Amazon, with numerous five-star reviews to back it up. “We love TheraBreath mouthwash but this flavor is their best,” one shopper wrote . “Your mouth feels so fresh after and it does not burn.”

    A shopper who’s used TheraBreath for years loves the Deep Clean Antiseptic Rinse so much they might never return to another one again. “[My mouth feels] squeaky clean,” they wrote. “I have loved this brand for years and tried many of their mouthwashes. I had never seen this variation in stores, so I had to order and give it a try. My mouth feels so clean after using this mouthwash. Not sure I can ever go back to my other variation.”
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