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    These Are the Fastest-Rising Baby Names On the Popularity Charts Right Now

    By Maggie Clancy,

    24 days ago

    Choosing a baby name is one of the most exciting decisions for new parents. It’s more than just a label; it’s an identity that shapes their child’s life and story. Every year, trends in popular baby names evolve, bringing fresh and exciting options inspired by everything from pop culture to vintage charm . The Social Security Administration (SSA) has just released its latest data on the baby names that are skyrocketing in popularity, and there are some fantastic surprises — especially when it comes to the baby names that are climbing the popularity chart like nobody’s business.

    What’s trending in baby names for boys this year? Here are the biggest leaps (2023 data)

    1. Izael
    2. Chozen
    3. Eiden
    4. Cassian
    5. Kyren

    Izael, with its Hebrew origins , means “God will provide.” Chozen, a modern take on the word “chosen,” symbolizes being special or selected. Eiden, with its fiery Irish roots meaning “little fire,” brings a spark of energy and enthusiasm. Cassian, a name with Latin origins meaning “hollow” or “empty,” is more commonly associated with Saint Cassian — and might have a little to do with Star Wars . Meanwhile, Kyren, a unique spelling of the Gaelic “Kieran,” means “little dark one” and is climbing the charts rapidly.

    Meanwhile, here are the biggest climbers in popular baby names for girls in 2023:

    1. Kaeli
    2. Alitzel
    3. Emryn
    4. Adhara
    5. Azari

    Alitzel, with Aztec origins, means “precious” or “small wing,” adding an element of sweetness and cultural richness. Emryn, a modern and melodic name, is chosen for its pleasing sound despite not having a traditional meaning. Adhara, with Arabic roots meaning “virgin,” also shines as the name of a brilliant star in the constellation Canis Major, adding a celestial charm. Finally, Azari, with its Hebrew origins meaning “helper” or “protector.”

    Kaeli takes the crown with a jaw-dropping rise of 1,692 spots, while Alitzel isn’t far behind, climbing 1,512 positions from 2022 to 2023, per the SSA .

    Names, much like fashion, often mirror what’s hot in pop culture. Remember when everyone seemed to be named Aiden or Madison back in the early 2000s? Today, names like Cassian are gaining traction, likely thanks to the Star Wars baby name craze and the recent series featuring Cassian Andor. And let’s not forget Kyren, which might be getting a boost from the popularity of Succession actor Kieran Culkin or the fact its similarity to Kylo Ren — another Star Wars favorite. The force is definitely strong with these popular baby names!

    On the girls’ side, names such as Emryn and Adhara have a futuristic, almost otherworldly vibe, which could be fueled by our growing fascination with technology and science fiction . This reflects a trend towards choosing names that carry a sense of strength and individuality while also being distinctive and memorable.

    Choosing a baby name is a joyful journey full of inspiration and endless possibilities. Whether parents are drawn to names because of beloved characters, unique spellings, or simply the quest for something different, the names climbing the charts today are sure to leave a lasting impression. Who knows — maybe one of these rising stars will be the next big hit in your family tree!

    Before you go, click here to see more celebrity kids following in their parents’ acting footsteps.

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