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    One of George Clooney's Former Co-Stars Recalled His 'I Made It Moment' & It's So Heartwarming

    By Alice Kelly,

    24 days ago

    With two Oscars and a successful career in acting, filmmaking and business under his belt, it is hard to imagine George Clooney struggling to pay rent — in fact, his extensive real estate portfolio has us struggling to believe he pays rent at all! But one former co-star and longtime friend is dishing on his humble beginnings and it is so sweet.

    When Clooney’s The Facts of Life co-star Mindy Cohn stopped by to talk to SheKnows about her role in Apple TV’s Palm Royale , and her lengthy career, she opened up about her friend and former co-star’s rise to fame.

    “It was lovely to see someone who’d been at it for a while and finally it hit for him,” Cohn told us. Clooney joined the cast of the hit family sitcom in 1985, joining Cohn, who was a series regular, and other stars like Nancy McKeon and Charlotte Rae. Cohn recalled a particularly wholesome work day during which she, Clooney and McKeon were on there way to lunch.

    “[We] were driving in George’s car and he’s like ‘I gotta make a stop’ and he went to his apartment,” she remembers. “When he came into the car, he said, ‘Well, ladies, I just paid my rent for the next year.'”

    “It was darling to see how being on The Facts of Life had changed his trajectory so that’s kind of nice to be a part of.”

    After starring in The Facts of Life for two years, Clooney left the show and landed a series of roles on hit shows like Roseanne and The Golden Girls before becoming a household name during his role in ER in the 90s. His film career began taking off concurrently and, well, the rest is history.

    Cohn, who told us that she has remained close friends with Clooney through the years, also told us some equally interesting tidbits about former co-stars like Betty White, Lucy Hale, Carol Burnett and Kristen Wiig. More on that HERE !

    In Cohn’s most recent role in Palm Royale , she appears alongside a stellar lineup including Wiig, Ricky Martin, Allison Janney, Leslie Bibb, Laura Dern and Amber Chardae Robinson. Set in 1969, the show follows Wiig’s character as she attempts to overcome her outsider status and infiltrate an exclusive country club in order find her place in Palm Beach, Florida’s high society.

    Before you go, click to see all the co-stars who allegedly did not get along .

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