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    Reviewers Say They ‘Wish They Bought More Than One’ of This Massive Storage Basket for Nurseries, Playrooms, & Living Rooms

    By Olivia Harvey,


    Look, we all have stuff . It’s inescapable. From pet and kids toys to blankets and pillows to laundry (both dirty and clean) to just, well, stuff. And if you’re constantly looking for new ways to keep that stuff contained and organized, then you’re going to love these XXL baskets that are made for doing just that. They come in a bunch of different colors, are over 20 inches wide, and reviewers say they wish they bought multiple when they ordered because they’re just that handy.

    The Indressme Large Cotton Rope Basket is made of natural cotton rope, making it soft enough to keep in a baby’s room and preventing your soft goods from getting snagged. Each basket is two-toned and comes in a variety of neutral colorways and the baskets come with handles so you can easily use it as a tote and move things from room to room.

    These baskets have over 34,500 five-star reviews because people just can’t stop finding new ways to use them.

    Indressme Large Cotton Rope Baskets for Storage

    $28 Buy Now

    “These large woven storage baskets are amazing!” one reviewer wrote . “Doing my best not to get addicted to purchasing it. I like them so much I’ve ordered three within seven days. Well made, sturdy, and decorative. Great for storage and many other uses. If you’re not sure what to purchase someone who has everything, buy this in any size and fill it with their favorite things!”

    Another reviewer wrote , “This rope basket is perfect! It is a lot larger than I thought it would be. I am using it for dog toys. It is well made. The sides stay up, they do not sag. Nice color. I got the one with green on the top and green and white on the bottom. I am trying to figure [out] where I could use another one!”

    “I should have bought more than one,” someone else added . “I bought the one in the photo! The color is bright and it really is this big!!! There are so many things that you can do with this. It is sturdy and very well made! I absolutely love it! I’m so glad I got it. I will definitely be buying another one. These would make great gift ideas as well!”

    Pick up a few of the Indressme XXL storage baskets from Amazon to quite literally get your stuff in order. It turns out that a basket can truly change your life!

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