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    How Much a Trip to Cancun Will Cost on a Budget or in Style

    By David Beren,

    25 days ago

    This post includes affiliate links. If you purchase anything through these affiliated links, may earn a commission.

    As one of the premiere locations in Mexico, Cancun has long been a top tourist destination . Between white sand beaches, Mayan ruins, a nightlife that never stops, and all-inclusive resorts, Cancun is hard to beat. Regarded as the crown jewel of the Mexican Caribbean, there is something for everyone which is why Cancun draws millions of tourists every year.

    It is with this in mind that we want to take a look at how much a week-long trip to Cancun will cost you. After reviewing pricing from TripAdvisor , Kayak , Expedia , and , we can put together two great sample itineraries. The first is an overview of what a trip to Cancun on a budget could look like and the second covers one possible trip to Cancun if money is no object. Of course, please note these prices are just estimates as the cost to travel to Cancun varies considerably depending on many factors.

    Why We’re Covering Travel Cancun's white sand beaches are among the most beautiful in the world.

    When you’re ready to take a trip to Cancun, just know you are helping the entirety of the North American economy. As one of America’s biggest trade and travel partners, a short or long trip to Cancun benefits everyone. Most importantly, the local economy in Cancun is heavily dependent on tourism as Cancun’s GPD is almost 50% based on the tourism industry. Given this, you’re helping out American companies that do business there and supporting thousands of Cancun workers making a living.

    Budget Flights Traveling on United Airlines is a budget-friendly way to get to Cancun.

    • Sample Cost: $412 - $1,084 (United Airlines)

    As you start to think about flying into Cancun, your first stop will be going to Cancun International Airport. No matter where you are traveling from, Cancun only has one major international airport you can arrive at. If you want to do it on a budget this summer from 6/23 to 6/30, your best roundtrip cost is around $412 leaving from Chicago O’Hare airport.

    Not only is this a nonstop flight, but its timing helps you arrive early enough to enjoy the afternoon and leave late enough to sleep in on your last morning. If you would prefer a getaway over the holidays, you can switch your travel dates to 12/22 to 12/29 and you can arrive for $574 with one stop. If you want to fly nonstop, you can expect your December round trip cost to jump to $1,084.

    Premium Flights American Airlines has a great Business class value to Cancun.

    • Sample Cost: $1,025 - $1,809 (American Airlines)

    Seeing Cancun without a budget is the way to go as it unlocks even more opportunity. But first, you have to get to Cancun. To travel a little more luxuriously, we’ll switch things up and put you in Business class. With the same travel dates as before from Chicago O’Hare, a 6/23 to 6/30 round trip flight for one person starts at $1,025 on United.

    You can drop your round-trip cost down to $955 if you want a stop, but for $70, you’re better off flying directly. Switching up the dates for your potential holiday getaway and your best price is on American Airlines with one stop for $1,237. A non-stop trip on American from Chicago O’Hare to Cancun will start at $1,809.

    Budget Hotels Hotels like the Hotel NYX Cancun is a great place to stay for budget-minded travelers.

    • Sample Cost: $1,420 - $3,340 (Hotel NYX Cancun)

    There is no question that Cancun has any number of hotels competing for budget dollars. Choosing one is difficult, but according to TripAdvisor, Hotel NYX Cancun is the number one best value. Hotel NYX has even received an Oyster Award for the Best Value Hotel in Cancun. So, we’re confident with this recommendation and its “upper-middle-range” family-friendly environment.

    For the entirety of your June stay from 6/23 to 6/30, you’re looking at right around $1,420 for a Standard Room. This is a double bed with a maximum capacity of two people. However, there is a caveat as you can upgrade the price to $1,770 and go all-inclusive so all of your food is free at all four on-site restaurants. Swap your dates to 12/22 to 12/29 and you’re looking at $3,075 for the same room. Bump that price up to $3,339 for the all-inclusive options.

    Luxury Hotels Stay at the Live Aqua Beach Resort for a host of great amenities and no kids.

    • Sample Cost: $4,326 - $6,176 (Live Aqua Beach Resort)

    Anyone looking for a stronger sense of luxury should stop at the Live Aqua Beach Resort in Cancun. Designed as a luxury hotel and another Oyster Award Winner, this adults-only hotel is nothing but class. All of the rooms are high-end with the all-inclusive plan offering a la carte, buffet options, and multiple bars. Plus, with only 371 rooms, you won’t feel that busy at any point during the day.

    Looking at cost, you’re looking at around $510 per night as the best possible cost from 6/23 to 6/30. For a Premium Partial Ocean View room with one king bed, this breaks down to $4,326 for the whole stay with taxes included. Switch things up into December for 12/22 - 12/29 and the cost jumps considerably. The least expensive room, the Premium Garden View 2 Double will cost $6,176 for the whole stay, taxes included.

    Public Transportation If you want to leave your hotel and see the sites, taking the bus in Cancun is the best way to go.

    • Sample Cost: $0.63 (One-Way Bus Pass)

    Most tourists who are in Cancun and don’t want to rent a car look at the bus as the best possible option. The buses in Cancun run every five minutes. The buses generally focus on the "hotel zone" where all of the large resorts and hotels are located, downtown at Boulevard Kukulcan with shops and dining, and Avenida Tulum with more classic dining options. A one-way fare traditionally costs about 10.50 Pesos, which is around $0.63 in U.S. currency. The same dollar amount applies whether you choose the R1 or R2 route, which takes you around the three primary tourist destinations.

    Budget Rental Car Renting a vehicle like the Volkswagen Jetta is very affordable.

    • Sample Cost: $134 to $335 (Budget Car Rental)

    The good news is that if you don’t want to rely on public transportation, you have plenty of budget-friendly rental car options available with Expedia. You can start in June from 6/23 to 6/30 with a vehicle like the Volkswagen Jetta for only $134 for the whole trip. Similarly, a vehicle like the Nissan Sentra will only cost around $160 for the whole trip. Alternatively, go with an SUV like the Kia Sportage and only pay $176 for your entire June stay.

    If you move dates into the holiday period in December from 12/22 to 12/29, things do get a little pricier. You can stay with something like the Nissan Versa and only pay $154 for the whole trip. A Volkswagen Vento, a slightly larger sedan, will cost around $292 total while an SUV like the Kia Sportage will cost around $335.

    Premium Rental Car If you're with a big crowd, grabbing a Chevy Suburban is the best rental option.

    • Sample Cost: $1,282 to $2,012 (Mercedes C200)

    Traveling in June with a rental car is already looking pretty full with our 6/23 to 6/30 dates. However, you can grab a Chevy Suburban to carry up to 8 people for around $1,282. Alternatively, grab a Mercedes C200 for only $1,393 for 5 passengers. Last but not least, grab a Tesla Model 3 and do the electric thing in Cancun for only $1,742 in total.

    When you want to live the high life in Cancun during the winter months, pick up something a little more classy. Try the Mercedes GLC 300, which you can shuffle around town in for only $2,012 between 12/22 and 12/29. Alternatively, a real people mover like the Chevy Suburban will cost around $1,707 for a group of friends or the whole family.

    Budget Attractions The "Cancun Spot" sign is one of the top inexpensive tourist options in Cancun.

    • Sample Cost: $0 - $2.50 (Mayan Ruins)

    Looking at things to do in Cancun on a budget or otherwise is very much dependent on how far you want to venture away from your hotel. There’s no question you can spend your entire trip just at your hotel and get all of the relaxation you want. However, if you want to see some of the sites, venture to the “Cancun Spot” to make sure you get your Instagram hashtagging on. Located in Playa Defines, this spot is completely free. Just expect long lines.

    If you want to see more of the sites, head to the El Rey Archeological Zone to see Mayan ruins. It’s a short bus ride over and only costs around $2.50 to get to. Once inside, there are more than 45 different stone structures that make up the entire site. It’s incredible to see and learn about such a prominent and ancient civilization.

    Premium Attractions Spend a day on a Cancun catamaran and live a different life for a few hours.

    • Sample Cost: $65 - $1,000 (Boat Tour)

    Those traveling to Cancun looking to splurge have plenty of opportunities to do so. One of the most popular options is to rent a boat with an open bar. Mostly centered around Isla Mujeres, there are dozens of different boat companies that operate with costs starting at around $1,000 per group. The trip can last up to 7 hours on your private catamaran. There’s plenty of time for drinking, snorkeling, and more drinking.

    Beyond the boat tour, you don’t have to go too crazy but you can do things like ATV Adventures starting at $79 or Parasailing tours starting at $65. While these aren’t “luxury” costs, Cancun is a destination for wild adventures so the idea is to live to the extreme rather than dine at a fancy restaurant.

    Miscellaneous With drinks in hand, you're in for a good time in Cancun.

    • Sample Cost: $100 - 200 (All-Inclusive One Week of Meals)
    • Sample Cost: $500-$1,000 (No all-inclusive meals)

    So here’s the great part about traveling to Cancun. You shouldn’t have to worry about your cell phone bill. For Verizon and T-Mobile, Mexico roaming is included in all plans. For most people, your high-speed data should remain unlimited and calls and text will also be unlimited. This eliminates the need for a separate prepaid SIM card and a different phone number. It’s not quite as unlimited as being in the U.S., but it’s close.

    As far as food costs go, this is a bit tricky. The easiest recommendation is to go all-inclusive in Cancun and eat at your hotel. It’s both the safest and the least troublesome option. You can go into the downtown area and eat but think of it as more of an experience than an everyday activity. Eating downtown will cost between $10 to $15 (and up) for a single meal and the same goes for drinks.

    Total Costs Seeing the Mayan ruins is a must while in Cancun.

    • Estimated budget cost: $2,231 - $4,841
    • Estimated luxury cost: $6,728 - $11,250

    Depending on how you want to see Cancun, you can expect to spend between $2,200 and $4,800 on a budget. If this sounds high, just remember that Cancun has never been truly inexpensive as it’s an in-demand tourist area where things can and do cost a bit more. To be fair, a trip to Cancun is roughly the same price for a family of four to go to Disney World and a bit more than taking a 7-day cruise with a balcony cabin. On the luxury side, the $6,700 to $11,250 is definitely on the high side but if you want to do Cancun just once in your life, go ahead and splurge.

    Ultimately, a trip to Cancun is everything you want to make it. For many tourists, this just means staying in the hotel, enjoying all-inclusive dining, and maybe venturing to the ruins or into downtown once or twice. Others want to see every part of Cancun so hopping on a bus and spending the day shopping downtown is something to look forward to. Either way, everyone always has fun in Cancun.

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