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    This one simple tip will stop your dog running out the door before walks, according to a trainer

    By Megan Milstead,


    Does your dog dash out of the front door as soon as you open it? If your answer is yes, then we've got a top tip that you'll want to hear.

    We can understand why our pups are so excited to get outdoors, stretch their legs, and have a good old sniff. However, racing out the door can lead to a myriad of safety concerns - especially if you live by a busy road.

    As well as being potentially dangerous for your dog, you might feel a little frustrated over this behavior and want to find a solution for the pulling. Well, the good news is that we've found one and all you'll need is the best dog treats to get started.

    The experts at JW Dog Training and Behavior Consulting shared this advice in their recent Instagram post, and we think it's a game-changer. Here's what to do:

    To stop your dog from bolting off, you want to teach them that when you open the door, it's a cue for them to turn back to you.

    So, how do you do this exactly? JW Dog Training says: "As your dog walks out the door, give their most reliable attention cue. Either say their name, do a positive interrupter, cue a hand target or even just reach out and show them a treat and then reward that behavior."

    Like always, it's important to use positive reinforcement for dogs to teach them this. This is when we reward them for good behavior (with treats, attention, or the best dog toys ), instead of punishing them for unwanted behavior.

    Let's break it down into some simple steps for you to follow:

    1. Open the door

    2. Allow your dog to walk through

    3. Cue their attention (by calling their name, doing a positive interrupter, or cueing a hand target)

    4. Give your dog a treat

    5. Start your walk without pulling

    (Image credit: Getty Images/Joe Duquette)

    This teaches your dog to come back to you when you open the door, instead of going to the end of the leash and pulling.

    Like with any dog training, nothing is a quick fix and you need to be consistent for your dog to pick it up. Once they learn that they're going to be rewarded for this behavior, it will become a habit and they'll automatically turn back to you when you open the door.

    JW Dog Training says: "Even if you calm them down before heading out, a lot times opening the door is a cue to bolt through it. Changing the door opening to a cue to walk through it and then turn back to you can make a huge difference."

    For more training advice, check out these features on how to stop a dog pulling on a leash and how to calm a reactive dog .

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