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    32 things you need to know about sphynx cats

    By Kathryn Williams,

    26 days ago

    While nakedness may not be the first thing you look for in a feline friend, there are so many things you need to know about sphynx cats that are guaranteed to make you fall in love with them.

    For example, did you know that they’re super loving, devoted, and always up for a game or two with the best cat toys ? It’s true! These gentle and affectionate kitties may be total extroverts, but they’re also incredibly sweet and adore a good snuggle session.

    There are so many reasons to adopt a cat and while a sphynx may not currently be at the top of your list of potential candidates, we have a feeling you’ll change your mind after discovering just how wonderful these bald beauties can be.

    So, read on as we reveal everything you need to know about sphynx cats.

    1. They originated in Canada

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    The sphynx came into existence by pure accident in 1966 when a domestic shorthair gave birth to a hairless kitten named Prune in Ontario. Despite early breeding efforts, Prune’s line died out in the early 1980s due to a shallow gene pool but clearly, that’s not the end of the story.

    In the 1970s a similar scenario unfolded in Minnesota when a female farm cat gave birth to two bald kittens a year apart — Epidermis and Dermis. Both were sold to an Oregon breeder who crossbred the kittens to develop the sphynx.

    2. They're not actually bald

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    While all the bald and beautiful hairless cat breeds may look naked at first glance, on closer inspection that’s not quite true. The sphynx has a super soft and very fine fuzzy down coat that feels a lot like suede when you touch it.

    3. Super outgoing

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    The social butterflies of the cat world, the sphynx is a super social little kitty who adores bonding with humans and other animals. One of the best cats for extroverts , the sphynx is a great choice if you're looking for a kitty who will love being in on all the action.

    4. Love attention

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    As you’d expect from a sociable feline, the sphynx is a huge fan of the limelight and craves human company. Known for being needy and lacking in independence, this breed is the ultimate velcro cat and will happily spend its days following you from room to room.

    If you’re looking for ways to be the best cat owner , it’s pretty easy with the sphynx — just shower them with lots of love and attention and they’ll think you’re the best thing since sliced bread!

    5. Highly intelligent

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    The sphynx is a bright and curious cat who tends to quickly become bored if they don’t have enough interesting things going on that they can channel their energy and attention towards.

    It’s worth investing in one of the best cat puzzle feeders to ensure their brain regularly gets a good workout and plenty of toys and other enrichment activities will be appreciated too.

    6. Adore a good cuddle

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    When it comes to the most affectionate cat breeds , it’s hard to beat the sphynx who is always more than happy to give and receive a big snuggle.

    We’re not quite sure if their love of a long snuggle session is due to their lack of fur and desire to stay warm or if they just crave physical touch, but either way, it’s super sweet.

    7. Still require grooming

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    If you’re anything like us, you might think that the sphynx would be a relatively low-maintenance cat given their lack of fur, but believe it or not, these cats still require grooming. While they don’t require brushing, they still require nail clipping, ear cleaning, and acne care as their skin is prone to spots.

    8. Needs regular baths

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    Fur serves an important purpose, helping to soak up and separate oil secretions, so being without fur can lead to skin that’s greasy, dirty and even smelly. Because of that, the sphynx is one of the few cat breeds that requires a weekly bath.

    We recommend speaking to your vet who will be able to advise on the best cat shampoo to use on their sensitive skin.

    9. Can get sunburnt easily

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    While most cat breeds have a thick layer of fur to protect their skin from the sun, the naked sphynx is at risk of getting burned if their skin is left exposed. While sunscreen may be beneficial, it does come with risks if licked off, so it’s worth discussing this with your vet who will be able to offer guidance on the best way to protect your feline friend.

    Keeping them indoors, using sun shelters, and choosing breathable clothing that offers UV protection are all great alternatives.

    10. May require clothes in winter

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    One of the best cat breeds for hot climates , their lack of fur means the sphynx doesn’t fare well in cold environments. If you happen to live somewhere where the mercury plummets during the winter months, you’ll want to ensure your sphynx is well wrapped up in a cozy sweater.

    11. Requires a lot of stimulation

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    If you’re looking for a low-energy cat breed , you’ll definitely want to steer clear of the sphynx! These cats need a ton of physical and mental stimulation, although you can breathe a sigh of relief as they will play independently with the best interactive cat toys when you’re too busy to amuse them.

    They’re particularly fond of batting ping-pong balls around the house and they adore climbing, so installing cat-friendly shelving and window perches will help keep them happy and out of mischief.

    12. Easy to train

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    Can you train a cat? You sure can if they’re a sphynx. Clever and curious cats, they take quickly to training and love learning new tricks, skills, and behaviors. When it comes to how to teach a cat a trick , you’ll find your sphynx can master all sorts of things — from giving you a high five to rolling over and even playing fetch!

    Plus, the fact that they’re such speedy learners will make things like litter box training that much easier.

    13. Mischievous

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    Sphynx cats are natural-born entertainers — which isn’t surprising given how much they love being in the spotlight. Expect them to keep a smile permanently on your dial as they amuse you with their clown-like antics and general fun-loving and silly behavior.

    14. Can struggle with separation anxiety

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    Because of their highly social nature, the sphynx is one of the cat breeds most likely to suffer from separation anxiety , so they won’t do well if left on their own for long periods of time. This breed does best in an environment where there’s someone at home most of the day to keep them company.

    15. Not hypoallergenic

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    While their near nakedness means the sphynx produces fewer allergens than many of their furry brothers and sisters, all cats produce proteins that can cause an allergic reaction. Although there are no truly hypoallergenic cat breeds , the sphynx is as close as you’ll get.

    16. Prone to ear infections

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    Sphynx cats have very large ears, which means wax and dirt tend to build up much more frequently than in other breeds. With little to no fur or ear tufts, they’re far more prone to yeast and bacterial infections, so weekly cleaning is recommended.

    17. Huge appetite

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    Sphynxes are very active cats who frequently want to engage in high-energy pursuits, such as running, jumping, and general play. Because of that, they have naturally big appetites and tend to require more calories than other breeds.

    Their rounded tummies are a healthy feature of their breed and not a sign of weight gain, however, if you’re concerned your sphynx may be overweight, speak to your vet who will be able to advise you on appropriate portion sizes of dry cat food or wet cat food .

    18. They’re expensive

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    Generally considered to be one of the most expensive breeds in the world, a purebred sphynx will cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000, with top show-quality breeding females costing anywhere up to an eye-watering $10,000.

    19. Get on well with everyone

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    The social and outgoing sphynx lives by the motto that absolutely everyone in the world is their friend. They get on beautifully with people of all ages and stages, love other animals, and see any stranger as a partner in crime that they just haven’t gotten to know yet.

    If you’re looking for a kitty that will give everyone who walks through your door the warmest of welcomes, the sphynx is hard to beat.

    20. They have a unique appearance

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    Striking and unmistakable, the sphynx is a cat that will make you do a double take. While they do have a fine down coat, it’s not immediately apparent which gives them their distinctive look of being naked.

    Their skin feels soft and almost leathery and they have little in the way of whiskers or eyebrows. With piercing lemon-shaped eyes, long toes, a rounded tummy, and bat-like ears, it’s safe to say there’s no cat quite like the sphynx!

    21. Coat comes in different patterns and colors

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    Most cat breeds sport fur that comes in a range of different patterns and colors and the sphynx is no different — they just wear these things on their skin instead! Pigmented and patterned, their skin comes in a range of colors and markings including solid white, black, red, brown, and lavender, and patterned calico, tortoiseshell, and mink, to name a few.

    22. They’re hotter than other cats

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    While most cats have an average internal body temperature that falls somewhere between 99.5 and 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit, to compensate for their lack of fur, the sphynx has an internal temperature that runs four degrees warmer.

    23. Their behavior is very dog-like

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    There are so many funny things cats do , and when it comes to the sphynx, one of the most hilarious is how dog-like they are in the way they behave. This is a cat that will sit patiently by the door awaiting your return, greet strangers like they’re long-lost friends, and follow you from room to room with the utmost devotion.

    If you’re not ready to welcome a dog into your home but are after a cat that will be a brilliant substitute for one, the sphynx could well be the kitty for you.

    24. They’re not actually any wrinklier than other cats

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    Did you know that other cats are just as wrinkly as the sphynx? It’s true! The only difference is that most breeds can hide all of their wrinkles underneath their fur, whereas with the naked sphynx, every crease and fold is on full display.

    25. Very vocal

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    If you’re after a quiet life, you’ll want to steer clear of the sphynx. This breed can be very demanding and insistent with their vocalization, so expect a lot of chatter if you welcome one of these chatty little kitties into your home.

    26. Curious

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    Because they’re such intelligent cats, sphynxes are naturally curious little creatures who consider a half-open cupboard an invitation for exploration. But if you think closing them will be the answer, think again.

    The sphynx has dexterous finger-like toes that they use to open doors, so we recommend you find ways to kitten proof your home before letting them loose!

    27. Devoted companions

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    Sphynx cats make remarkable companions thanks to their playful, affectionate, loving, social, and loyal nature. It’s for these reasons that they’re considered to be one of the best emotional support animal breeds and are often used as therapy cats because they’re happy being handled.

    28. Gentle souls

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    While they may be extroverted and chatty, sphynxes are naturally gentle and easygoing souls who are never happier than when they’re with their family members.

    29. They’re just as susceptible to fleas as other cats

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    If you’re anything like us, you may have assumed that the sphynx's lack of fur would mean fleas wouldn’t be a problem. But it turns out that hairless cats are just as likely to get fleas as their furry brothers and sisters.

    Fleas can infest any part of a cat's body, not just the fur and the sphynx has plenty of crevices and folds that provide a warm and cozy hiding spot for fleas and their eggs. Make sure you regularly apply one of the best flea treatments for cats to ensure your feline friend stays fit and well.

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    By far the most famous hairless cat is Ted Nudegent who played Mr Bigglesworth in Austin Powers. Specially trained for the films, he could sit still for up to 45 minutes at a time, no matter what was going on around him.

    31. They stole the show in an episode of Friends

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    A sphynx was also the star of one episode of Friends when Jennifer Aniston’s character, Rachel, adopted Mrs Whiskerson, who reminded her of her grandmother's sweet cat. However, Rachel soon offloaded the kitty onto her unsuspecting former boss, Gunther, after the feline wouldn’t stop scratching and hissing at her.

    32. They need to be kept indoors

    (Image credit: Getty Images)

    When it comes to the best indoor cat breeds , the sphynx is at the top of the list. Highly sensitive to the cold and easily sunburnt, the sphynx's lack of fur means they also have little protection if they come across another cat.

    They’re also expensive cats who are very sought after and their friendly and trusting nature means they won’t think twice about trotting off with a stranger.

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