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    39 People Who Are Riding The Struggle Bus So Hard, I Am Trying My Darndest To Send Them A Virtual Hug

    By Hannah Marder,

    26 days ago

    1. I can't even imagine trying to explain this to a Chase support bot.
    u/Masterpnutz / Via

    2. I...have no words.
    u/HugePizzaCat / Via

    3. Cool, cool, this is totally normal and fair.
    u/monkey_scandal / Via

    4. Imagine being robbed AND having your music taste insulted.
    u/ZillyZonkers / Via

    5. Womp womp.
    u/tadamig / Via

    6.'s still worth it to have a cat.
    u/thebriss22 / Via

    7. The odds of this happening...
    u/MindfulWonderer_ / Via

    8. This just made me throw up a little in my mouth.
    u/RandyBoBandy___ / Via

    9. I can't even imagine the pain I would feel at discovering this.
    u/Humble-Bag-1312 / Via

    10. What kind of monster does this???
    u/MrRabinowitz / Via

    11. *Sad Kelly Kapoor face*
    u/Blurpy69 / Via

    12. I guess you're not throwing a party tonight!
    u/Kirinto / Via

    13. Or giving your baby food!
    u/Ok-Influence1109 / Via

    14. Of all the strange and inconvenient things to randomly receive in the mail, 1500 ladybugs have got to be up there.
    u/cattlebeforehorses / Via

    15. This person gave Final Destination a run for their money.
    u/Working_Astronaut_90 / Via

    16. This person started off their vacation great.
    u/TuckingFypoz / Via

    17. Just...why?
    u/Low-improvement_18 / Via

    18. New fear unlocked!
    u/GlorifiedButthole / Via

    19. Aaaaand another one!
    u/mattedak / Via

    20. There's nothing to say to this except, "That sucks, man."
    u/hau5cat / Via

    21. THIS is why I don't like getting my hair cut!!!
    u/bluenighthawk / Via

    22. Eating alone is all good and fun...until this happens.
    u/AlloyComics / Via

    23. *This* is why all teachers deserve to be paid more.
    u/Luka-the-Pooka / Via

    24. I'd be stealing my sister's clothes for all eternity in revenge for this.
    u/skaroids / Via

    25. Next time, better keep this under lock and key.
    u/sneksandshit / Via

    26. To this, I offer an emphatic, "That's rough, buddy."
    [deleted] / Via

    27. These poor, unfortunate souls prove why over-the-ear headphones — sorry — are superior to AirPods.
    u/sachemo / Via

    28. I feel like in situations like this, you should be allowed to break their windshield with a golf club.
    u/endureand_survive / Via

    29. I'm honestly wondering how badly this person pissed off a former manager to have this happen.
    u/Vultron- / Via

    30. As someone who cares deeply about my Wordle score, this might just break me.
    u/PostComa / Via

    31. This is why living in rural places with snow is so fun! (Reader: She was being sarcastic. Living in rural places with snow is not at all fun beyond the first few snow days.)
    u/raleighs / Via

    32. How much do you want to bet that the landlord was just like, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯?
    u/LaurenWrightReddit / Via

    33. I think this iPhone might be a lost cause.
    u/Fakepoly / Via

    34. Good luck taking a bath after this.
    u/dead_meat101 / Via

    35. This has got to win some sort of bad luck award.
    [deleted] / Via

    36. This is the kind of thing that makes me think people are inherently selfish.
    [deleted] / Via

    37. This might be the biggest waste of time I can possibly think of...but I also cannot imagine my sheer joy at guessing the right combination.
    u/anonnomel / Via

    38. Oh, you wanted dinner tonight? Too bad!
    u/TheGaleForce / Via

    39. And finally...I'm never trusting makeup packaging ever again.
    u/Admirable-Employee-7 / Via
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