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    Rebus episode 2 recap: Michael goes nearer to hell

    By David Hollingsworth,

    26 days ago

    Rebus episode 2 sees a brutal stabbing and Rebus's brother slowly discovering what he's got involved in after stealing the drug money from Christie's gang. Here's everything that happened in episode 2...

    Rebus is having a counseling session and he's claiming a breakthrough. The breakthrough is that he no longer wants to kill his wife's new husband every time he sees him! Result!! Rebus admits the family is probably better and safer off without him.

    We then think we meet Darryl Christie for the first time, the drug dealer Michael robbed and Cafferty namechecked to Rebus. However, we later discover he isn't Christie. The mysterious gangster, with a distinct neck tattoo, quizzes his minions on how they managed to get robbed. Well, quizzing is a bit polite. More accurately he tortures one of them, having his finger cut off. It's fair to say this new Rebus can be brutal at times.

    Rebus is asked by his boss, Gill (Caroline Lee Johnson), about his progress in the Jagger case. Rebus says Siobhan has the name of the person who intervened in the stabbing, an ex-soldier.

    Rebus decides to do a bit of torturing himself… making Siobhan walk up lots and lots of steps! They find the ex-soldier, Andy, who stepped in to save Jagger. Andy says one of the attackers had a tattoo on his neck, which sounds like our gangster. Rebus asks Michael for help with Andy, as they were in the army together.

    Rebus and Siobhan go to the hospital to visit Jagger, who promptly has his throat slashed by one of Christie's young dealers. Siobhan tries to stem the vast flow of blood but Jagger dies. The killer turns the knife on Rebus, but Siobhan comes to his rescue and this seems to cement them as a cop team. Rebus is surprised to learn the killer lives near his brother.

    Siobhan is the hero when Rebus is attacked (Image credit: BBC)

    Gill reveals there's a link between Christie and Cafferty. Christie's dad used to work for Cafferty but he died by suicide. Gill warns Rebus that she's covered for what he did for Cafferty a year ago in the ambulance and he'd better be telling her the truth.

    We find the real Christie down at the boxing gym. He's not impressed that the man with the neck tattoo got the boy to kill Jagger as he's worried it will connect back to him. At that point, Rebus and Siobhan show up. Christie is the creepy, smirking type. Rebus warns him to be careful and that if anything else happens he will be their first port of call.

    Rebus returns to his flat to find his ex-wife outside his front door. She's come to talk about the baby she's expecting with her new husband. They get on well and she says she's worried about her husband's plan to set up a trust fund for their daughter. Rebus, trying to be all reasonable, says he's fine with the plan.

    Rebus's ex wife Rhona (Amy Manson) (Image credit: BBC)

    Michael takes in Andy, the man who intervened in the original attack on Jagger. Chrissie, Michael's wife, isn't impressed. Michael suddenly produces a load of cash and Chrissie is suspicious.

    Siobhan tries to dance and drink away thoughts of the man dying in the hospital. Rebus goes to visit Michael to say sorry for thumping him. Rebus notes again how close Michael lives to the address given by the hospital killer. Michael tries to play it cool and Rebus doesn't appear to notice his brother squirming.

    Rebus goes to the flat, breaks in and discovers the the young lad who had his finger chopped off in a bloody mess. He carries him off and drives him away for medical help...

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