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    New on Netflix May 18-24: 6 new movies and TV shows you need to stream this week

    By Tom Bedford,


    If you're looking for something new to watch on Netflix this week, you've come to the right place, because our streaming expert has compiled this list of the 6 must-watch new shows and movies hitting the streamer this week.

    'This week' means Saturday, May 18 to Friday, May 24 , and I've combed through Netflix's new upload list to find this list of the biggest new Netflix Originals arriving through the week.

    We've got anticipated big-budget sci-fi movies, new workplace comedy series, documentaries about true crime and world politics, a new animated show from a popular franchise and also a stand-up show. A nice mix of stuff!

    So let's find you something to watch that's new on Netflix this week.

    Rachel Feinstein: Big Guy

    • Stand-up special arrives on Tuesday, May 21

    Netflix kicks off most weeks with a stand-up special and that's no different this week. Rachel Feinstein: Big Guy is Feinstein's first Netflix stand-up show, and it's got a much narrower focus than most stand-ups on the streamer. Feinstein is set to focus on the lifestyles of firefighter families, as her husband is a firefighter.

    Toughest Forces on Earth

    • Military docu-series debuts on Wednesday, May 22

    Netflix's Toughest Forces on Earth is a new docu-series for the military fans in the room.

    The series follows three army veterans as they try to survive training regimens from various military units around the world, which teaches them about the various tools, tasks and tactics that the forces use in order to maintain the upper hand.

    Illusions for Sale: The Rise and Fall of Generation Zoe

    • Argentinian true crime doc arrives on Thursday, May 23

    (Image credit: Netflix)

    If your online adverts are full of fake-sounding crypto get-rich-quick schemes and unbelievable financial suggestions, then Illusions for Sale: The Rise and Fall of Generation Zoe is definitely one to watch.

    The true crime docuseries looks at Generación Zoe, an Argentine online community for investment and trading advice. It seemed like a great way for ordinary people to make some money... until the accusations of scamming and fraud began.

    Illusions for Sale looks at the phenomenon and at Cositorto himself, who is currently awaiting trial in Argentina. It hits Netflix on Thursday, May 23.


    • Workplace comedy debuts on Thursday, May 23

    (Image credit: Netflix)

    Netflix has a new workplace comedy debuting this week, starring and co-created by comedian Shane Gillis who already has some stand-up on the platform.

    Tires is about the unqualified and dysfunctional workers at an auto repair chain, who have to band together to keep the shop afloat when the owner (and the only competent worker) passes the baton to his son.

    Completing the cast are Steven Gerben, Chris O'Connor, Kilah Fox and Stavros Halkias, and Tires will see all six episodes land on Netflix on Thursday, May 23.

    Jurassic World: Chaos Theory

    • Animated dinosaur series hits Netflix on Friday, May 24

    (Image credit: Netflix)

    Jurassic Park fans might not be aware, but Netflix has been continuing the franchise with an ongoing animated series called Camp Cretaceous, aimed at a younger audience than the movies.

    Jurassic World: Chaos Theory continues the story of those characters but in a world affected by the movie events (dinosaurs existing everywhere else in the world), as its characters try to survive a dangerous world while uncovering a dino-conspiracy.

    All ten episodes of Jurassic World: Chaos Theory hit Netflix on Friday, May 24.


    • Sci-fi action movie hits Netflix on Friday, May 24

    (Image credit: Ana Carballosa/Netflix)

    Netflix's biggest Original of the week comes in the form of Atlas , the next action movie on the platform starring Jennifer Lopez.

    Lopez stars as the titular character (yes, "Atlas" is a name in this movie's world), a data analyst who's brought on a dangerous mission to capture a robot gone haywire in a world where humanity is facing off against them. In order to save mankind from an AI menace, she's forced to team up with the AI itself.

    The rest of the cast includes Simi Liu, Mark Strong, Sterling K. Brown and Gregory James Cohan, with the movie hitting Netflix on Friday, May 24.

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