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    The Bold and the Beautiful recap for May 17, 2024: Finn gets a shock

    By Sarabeth Pollock,


    Finn gets a surprise visit and some shocking news in The Bold and the Beautiful recap for May 17, 2024.

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    It’s a bright and sunny day in Los Angeles but things are stormy in the Forrester Creations offices as Hope (Annika Noelle) thinks back to Deacon’s (Sean Kanan) request to have her in the wedding. While she’s thinking about it, she gets a call from her father asking if she’s had a chance to speak with Finn (Tanner Novlan) about the wedding. Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) walks in, and Deacon asks her to talk to Finn before he hangs up. Steffy, hearing that she’s talking to Deacon, asks Hope if her father is happy that the “nine-toed psycho” is back. Hope knows she’s in for a rough ride.

    At the hospital, Finn settles in at his desk. He’s thinking about when they found Sheila…and soon there’s a knock on the door. It’s Sheila. “Will the doctor see me now?” she asks. “Hello son.” Uh-oh.

    At Il Giardino, Liam (Scott Clifton) walks in and Deacon knows he’s not there for food. Liam wants to know what’s going on with Sheila and how Steffy and the kids should feel safe knowing that monster is out there.

    Sheila tells Finn she’s at the hospital for a follow-up appointment. She has good news: she’s in good health after what happened. And since she was there, she wanted to see her son. She can tell he’s not glad to see her. He tells her that it’s not a good idea for her to drop by his office. Sheila asks if that’s how Finn feels, or if that’s how Steffy feels.

    Hope doesn’t have time to talk with Steffy. Steffy needs a moment to talk with her, though, and questions why Hope has an attitude with her. Hope unleashes, saying that she has good reason to be frustrated with Steffy, including the fact that Thomas and Douglas are on the other side of the world because of Steffy’s advice.

    Deacon doesn’t understand why people can’t accept that people can change. Liam does believe it, but just not with Sheila. He points out that Deacon is basing his whole idea of Sheila being reformed on something she told him. He’s worried about his daughter’s safety, and Deacon understands that as a father himself. But Deacon doesn’t agree that he can use that as an excuse to bully Sheila after she’s been “through hell.” When Liam doesn’t respond, Deacon says it’s like he’s talking to a brick wall but Liam says Deacon is the brick wall.

    Sheila can’t believe that Finn would be so cold after all the things he said to her when he found her. Steffy still holds things against Sheila. Finn points out that Steffy has been through a lot. Sheila says it’s hard because he has to choose between his wife and his mother, but she hopes that they will have a chance at a future together.

    Steffy seems surprised that Hope is upset with her, but Hope is still upset about what happened with Thomas. Steffy compares the situation to what happened with Hope’s mother and didn’t want that kind of energy around her brother. Hope says she’s wrong. Steffy says she doesn’t care about Hope’s drama anymore, but Hope says she should focus on her own life “given everything” that’s happening. This catches Steffy’s attention. Hope says Finn is going through a lot and she doesn’t think Steffy should discount his feelings about his “birth mother.” And while they all know about the horrible things Sheila has done, Hope thinks Steffy should consider what Finn wants. Steffy tells her to back off, which is ironic considering how Steffy interfered with Hope and Thomas’ relationship. Steffy caps it off by letting Hope know that she and Finn are on the same page about Sheila. “He won’t be seeing Sheila ever again,” Steffy says.

    Hope (Annika Noelle) in The Bold and the Beautiful (Image credit: CBS)

    Finn wants nothing but the best for Sheila. Sheila knows that this all has to do with Steffy and she hopes that one day it can all change. Finn asks her to see a counselor to make sure she doesn’t return to the person she used to be. Sheila insists that she won’t go back to that person because there’s too much to live for, including a son that she loves.

    Steffy gets a visit from Liam, who’s there looking for Hope. He tells her that he was just talking to Deacon and he can’t believe that Sheila is still alive.

    Sheila arrives at Il Giardino and says she got a clean bill of health, and a chance to see Finn. Deacon kisses her.

    Hope pays Finn a visit at work. “I come bearing news,” Hope says, and without preamble she says that Sheila and Deacon are engaged. Finn makes a noise between choking and laughter.

    Deacon asks about Sheila’s visit with Finn. She tells Deacon her relationship with Finn has changed “for the better.” Deacon credits her coming back from the dead, but Sheila tells him that not everyone is thrilled to see her. She’s frustrated that Steffy has gotten into Finn’s head, but she promises that she won’t do anything to stir up the pot. Deacon reveals that he asked Hope to be her maid of honor and for Hope to ask Finn to be his best man. She’s delighted by the idea.

    Steffy can’t believe that Deacon thinks Sheila is any less of a threat now than she was before Sugar arrived. But Steffy knows that nothing will change anything in her relationship with Finn, whether Sheila is dead or alive.

    Finn is shocked at the news that they’re getting married. He reveals that Sheila was just there but she never mentioned anything about an engagement. Finn asks how Hope is feeling about the news and Hope admits she’s “conflicted.” Finn understands why Hope feels that way, and he knows other people feel the same way. Hope tells him about Deacon’s request for Hope to be the maid of honor, and that he wants Finn to be the best man. “What?!” Finn asks. Hope laughs that Finn has a lot to consider as well. Finn knows Steffy would never accept this. Hope tells him to take Steffy out of the equation to know what he wants to do. Finn can’t believe that she’s thinking about saying yes, and she admits it would be easier for her if he was there.

    Steffy tells Liam that she “laid down the law” with her husband and “Sheila will not be part of his life.”

    The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS and the following day on Paramount Plus . Check your local listings to see when it comes on where you are.

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