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    General Hospital spoilers: week of May 20-24

    By Sarabeth Pollock,


    It's the week after a big wedding in Port Charles, and after some unexpected fireworks there's a lot to look forward to in the aftermath. If you want to take a look at what's coming up this week, or if you missed an episode and need to see what happened last week, we've got you covered with our General Hospital spoilers for the week of May 20-24.

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    Take a look at the General Hospital spoilers for the week of May 20, courtesy of Soap Opera News :

    Monday, May 20
    "Sonny is horrified. Blaze consoles Kristina. Jason summons Carly. Gregory apologizes to Finn. Anna confronts Brennan."

    Tuesday, May 21
    "Alexis and Diane prepare to present their case. Kristina pleads with Michael. Dex has a big decision to make. Finn faces a difficult task. Sonny seeks Dante’s help."

    Wednesday, May 22
    "Elizabeth is alarmed. Alexis is thrown for a loop. Dante issues a warning to Sonny. Ava gets key intel. Kristina makes an offer."

    Thursday, May 23
    "Carly stonewalls Anna. Alexis has her day in court. Ava offers sympathy to Sonny. Gio makes a move. Kristina shares her fears."

    Friday, May 24
    "Molly and TJ go on a date. Elizabeth can’t shake her concern. Portia is conflicted. Cody and Stella support Tracy."

    And in case you missed out on last week's episodes, here's what happened on General Hospital for the week of May 13, courtesy of Soap Opera News :

    Monday, May 13: "Anna warns Carly. Nina and Willow have a warm moment. Jordan has some unsettling news. Gregory encourages Tracy to attend the rehearsal dinner. Michael and Sasha reconnect.."

    Tuesday, May 14: "Anna goes on a date with Valentin. Gregory and Alexis give each other good advice. Danny has a request for Jason. Drew receives a business proposition. Nina draws a new boundary with Ava."

    Wednesday, May 15: "It is Brook Lynn and Chase's wedding- Day 1. Tracy gives Brook Lynn something that used to be Lila’s. Jason surprises everyone. Kristina and Blaze are taken aback. Josslyn meets Gio, Brook Lynn’s cousin and a talented violinist."

    Thursday, May 16: "Brook Lynn and Chase's wedding – Day 2. Gregory struggles a bit during the ceremony. Friends and Family gather at the metro court, ready to celebrate the happy couple!"

    Friday, May 17: "Brook Lynn and Chase's wedding – Day 3: Brook Lynn and Chase’s wedding festivities continue. Sam ropes Spinelli into a scheme to help Jason. Finn grapples with his concern for Gregory. Kristina witnesses another side of her father."

    General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC and is the available on-demand the following day on Hulu . Check your local listings to see when it comes on where you are.

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