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    Great British Sewing Bee 2024 contestants: meet this year's sewers

    By Lucy Buglass,

    28 days ago

    The Great British Sewing Bee 2024 welcomes a brand new group of amateur stitchers. It's a milestone season too, as the beloved BBC series is celebrating its 10th season.

    So it's sure to be a memorable one, with 12 new contestants hoping to impress the judges and follow in the footsteps of Asmaa, who won The Great British Sewing Bee 2023 .

    All sorts of people are taking part in this year's competition including a singer inspired by 1980s fashion, a non-binary person hoping to break gender stereotypes, and the show's oldest-ever competitor.

    With plenty of different personalities to get to know, here's a breakdown of all the contestants...


    Ailsa grew up in the Scottish Highlands and now lives in Glasgow, and loves swimming in Loch Lomond. She was taught to sew by her seamstress mum and enjoys upcycling second-hand clothes.


    Alex lives in Derbyshire where she works as a copywriter and editor. She learned to sew as a child where she made her own stuffed toys. She is passionate about sustainability and believes comfort is key, specialising in oversized garments.


    Comfort trained as an architect and is now a self-employed designer and business manager. She started sewing after having her first child, when she decided she wanted to be more creative. Comfort loves batik, a wax-resist dyeing technique, and designs her own fabrics.


    Don is the show's oldest ever competitor, at 84, and is a father of eight. He is a retired research physicist and was taught to sew by his mum over 70 years ago on a hand-cranked sewing machine .


    Georgie is a festival and club DJ, who loves to knit as well as sew. She's passionate about sustainability, often using tablecloths, quilted blankets and fabric in her work as a way of giving them a new lease of life.


    Mum of three Janet is a retired market trader, born and raised in Yorkshire, who has been sewing since she was 12 years old. She enjoys making glamorous dresses for her dance classes.


    Lauren is a finance administrator from Manchester and a talented singer! She is inspired by eighties fashion and loves the bold aspects of the era, adding pops of colour to all the fun outfits she creates. ⁣


    Luke is non-binary and works as a diversity, equality and inclusion director. They are hoping to break gender stereotypes through their designs. They were taught to sew by their grandmother when they were eight and has a drag persona, Selma Skreams.


    Teaching assistant Marcus was actually inspired to start sewing after watching Sewing Bee , so it's all come full circle! He describes his garments as jarring, garish or kitsch, and enjoys DJing, rollerblading, writing, art, building Lego and playing video games. ⁣


    Neil is a woodwork teacher from Leicester, who leads a murder-themed bike tour in his spare time. He started sewing when he couldn't find clothes to fit his 6'4" frame. He also has a ventriloquist doll called Terry.


    Pascha is the youngest sewer at the age of 20. She is studying psychology and innovation and once made a Marie Antoinette-inspired silk ballgown. Outside of sewing, she enjoys growing, foraging and fencing.


    Suzy lives in Liverpool and works in hospitality. She loves to incorporate ruffles and big sleeves into her sewing designs, regularly using charity shop bedsheets and curtains as fabric!

    The Great British Sewing Bee 2024 starts on BBC1 on Tuesday, May 21 2024 at 9pm, with episodes running weekly for the following nine weeks at the same time.

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